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Tuong An Vegetable Oil Joint Stock Company

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Tuong An Vegetable Oil Joint Stock Company produces and sells vegetable oils under the TAC brand in Vietnam. The company offers products processed from oil, vegetable and animal fats, oil seeds, and coconut jelly; and margarine and shortening. It also produces and sells packaging products; trades in, exports, and imports machinery, equipment, materials, and raw materials for production and processing of vegetable oil; manufactures and trades in spices and sauces, as well as noodles, rice noodles, and instant porridges; operates amusement parks; organizes exchanges and meetings; leases premises and workshops; builds houses for sale and rent; and operates as a trading agent for consignment goo…

After nearly 30 consecutive years of building and development, till now with the advanced machinery system and processing technology, Tuong An has total capacity of 130,000 tons per year.