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Vedan Vietnam Enterprise Corporation Limited (Vedan Vietnam) was established in 1991 in Phuoc Thai Commune, Long Thanh district, Dong Nai Province. It is located on the Southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest city in Vietnam, in a large area of 120 hectares. The company has currently put into operation such workshops including Starch and Glucose Syrup Plant, Monosodium Glutamate Plant (MSG), Modified Starch Plant, Chlor-alkali Plant, Lysine Plant, Co-generating Power Plant, PGA Plant, Vedagro-pellet Plant, the advanced Sewage Treatment System, Vedan Phuoc Thai Port, works, infrastructures at administrative sections, worker’s housing, education and training department…


Since its first plant established in Phuoc Thai Commune – Long Thanh district – Dong Nai Province, up to now, Vedan Vietnam Company has invested, developed, enlarged and established branches at provinces and cities such as: Branch of Vedan Vietnam in Ha Noi, Phuoc Long tapioca starch processing plant (Binh Phuoc). In the process of enlarging its scale of trade-production development and investment, Vedan Vietnam has also set up a range of dealers and distribution channels for consumption in the whole country. At the world market, Vedan Vietnam is one of leading advanced producers in Asia applying biotechnology, fermentation technology to produce such products as amino acid, food flavor enhancers, and starch. Vedan Vietnam’s products in addition to be consumed in Vietnam, they have also been exported for companies supplying food and international trading companies at markets of such countries as China, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asian countries, and European countries.


Regarding competitive advantage, since its establishment, because the fact that Vietnam’s power supply is unable to satisfy all using demands for production, Vedan Company has developed the extracted Steam power system as energy development tendency of the world. Thermal Power plant of Vedan Vietnam Company supplies stable power source for its production operation. Due to its location near Thi Vai River, it is very convenient for the transportation of raw materials and products of the company by waterway. Through the process of efforts to enlarge investment and thanks to extreme concern and help of Vietnamese Government, and for more than two years of efforts, the company completed the investment and construction of Phuoc Thai Port as an important special-purpose port in the international waterway system. Since the operation of Phuoc Thai Port, the company not only economizes transportation cost but also heightens operating effectiveness, contributing to create greater benefits for industrial exploitation and economic development in the region of Thi Vai River. Presently, there are two docks in Phuoc Thai Port: dry cargo dock and liquid cargo dock. The Phuoc Thai port can receive two cargo ships with the capacity of 12,000 tons landed at once. In addition, at 8 kilometres downstream Phuoc Thai Port, under the plan of developing port system of the Government, the construction of docks were completed at Vung Tau Port System to be able to land 02 ships of 80.000 tons and 4 ships of 30,000 tons at a time. This has created very favourable conditions for production and consumption for this whole region and formed the system of a complete seaborne transport system.