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We create values by providing every business worldwide with comprehensive and industry specific solutions that bring about lots of practical benefits. One of the important factors for our company’s growth as it is today is the enthusiastic support of and productive cooperation with our partners in the countries in the region and other parts of the world that have enabled us to win client satisfaction.
The success stories of our clients - the large corporations in Vietnam and Region - raise our confidence in our solutions. We believe that our solutions can satisfy the needs of any enterprise in any industry and have access to potential clients in any area.
Cooperation is our most priority to develop and the key to success, we have expanded our business through establishing partnership with partners around the world. That’s also our way to delivery to our clients the high-quality solutions and timely support. Let’s partner with HQSOFT to give our clients the best. We are committed to ensuring long-lasting and successful cooperation.


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INFOCYCLE SOLUTIONS, INC. (ISI) is a partner of HQSOFT in implementing and supporting of our DMS (distribution management solution) for enterprises in the Philippines. Infocycle Solutions specializes in providing IT solutions, specifically distribution management solutions, supporting deployment of distribution management solutions, and providing accounting software to enterprises. With years of experience in the industry and huge potential for development, Infocycle Solutions is at present known as one of the thriving companies in the Philippines.



Established in 1992, ACE Data Systems Ltd is a company specializing in software provision, software outsourcing, and installation of IT infrastructure and network security system. What’s more, ACE is involved in offering education and e-commerce services in Myanmar. In an effort to expanding the market, HQSOFT has become a strategic partner of ACE to implement its projects and support its customers in Myanmar. ACE, with broad vision and clear strategy, is considered one of the leading IT suppliers in Myanmar.

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SUNARTHA is the provider of cloud computing-based software solutions for specific business areas in Indonesia. Since 2010, its integrated solutions and software applications have supported a great deal of its customers in business management and growth. Sunartha is now widely considered as one of the leading software solution providers in Indonesia. It’s HQsoft’s honor to become a strategic partner of Sunartha to supply customized solutions to customers in Indonesia

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Founded in 2003, ATECH is one of the software and IT system developers and solution providers to the enterprises in Cambodia. With more than 14 years of experience, Atech has accumulated considerable expertise knowledge to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) improve their performance and stay connected to technology with ease. On the path of market expansion, HQsoft chose Atech as a partner to provide services and support its customers in the Cambodian market

crt đối tấc

Intensifying control, increasing profits, and growing fast are the objectives CRT Insight TECHNOLOGIES is turning towards. With more than a decade of development and successful implementation of many ERP projects for major customers in the region, CRT is proud of being a prestigious provider of business solutions and consulting services in the Malaysian market and the neighboring areas like Singapore. Seeing similarities with this company in terms of development objectives and corporate culture, HQsoft chose CRT as its strategic partner in the markets of Malaysia and Singapore.

HQsoft Is A Strategic Partner Of Prestigious Enterprises

To meet the needs of our customers, provide them with high quality products, and raise our prestige in the market, we have acted as a partner of some reputable companies in the world. With highly qualified staff, perfect customer services, prestige, years of experience, HQsoft is proud of bringing many practical benefits to enterprises.


Samsung is a familiar name to consumers around the world. Millions of its products have been used and trusted by consumers worldwide each year. HQSOFT is Samsung’s partner in providing enterprises with modern and ease-of-use equipment that make business operation and management easier and more efficient than ever. As a special partner of Samsung, HQsoft enjoys the advantage of interfering deeply into electronic device design. It means that the enterprises that employ Samsung’s devices running HQsoft software will have their data secured and enjoy lots of other benefits.


Microsoft is a leading global vendor of computer software; hardware for computer, mobile and gaming systems; and cloud services. Microsoft’s corporate headquarters is located in Redmond, Wash., and it has offices in more than 60 countries.

HQsoft’s honor to become a strategic partner of Microsoft  to be bringing many practical benefits to Enterprises.