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DMS Solution to Change Agricultural Management Trail

In Vietnam, the Agriculture plays a critical role in economic growth and development of the country. In front of the major potential of agricultural sector, a large number of large Enterprises and corporations invest in improving product quality, renovating sales process, investing more in management technology to increase the market competitiveness and DMS solution is always the first choice of investors.

Strong growth means the market is expanding, distribution systems are focused on all regions of the country. And the question is how to use and manage technology solutions to deliver high performance while:

  • Farmers have limited knowledge about the application of science and technology. They must be instructed and trained in detail through “shore head” workshops, etc. And the solution must be user friendly.
  • Financial management and factors are quite important while farmers are allowed to buy on credit and pay at the end of the harvest. Without the system they would have difficulty in managing debt.
  • Typical agricultural products have very short shelf life. In absence of support of technological solutions, are clean fresh products guaranteed to consumers?
  • Setup is automatically processed: From here, the Enterprises will be able to easily manage its business activities, sales, employees and statisticize the Enterprises value on the market. Control inventory, date of expiration of the product
  • The Employees performance is manageable: Set up the sales route, quickly review orders, track how employees work, update new customer information, new orders immediately.
  • A clear and accurate data analysis and reporting system helps the Leader make the proper and timely decisions.
  • To create an interactive working environment between management and staff: can update information and transmit information accurately and quickly to different objects.

With specific characteristics of the agricultural management , DMS Solution has developed the features that effectively solve the problems set for the Enterprises:

DMS solution to help Enterprises to effectively statisticize and manage their debt: To update the relevant information about the commodity, the debt, etc. To manage the inventory status at sales point, manage payment situation in details, manage debt, and support customers in ordering, inventory, viewing reports, etc.

Detailed monitoring of the business situation of distributors, agents, shops: To update photos, display products, signs of sales points at each time, effectively manage the coverage of the market. To track sales volume, inventory at the point of sale. To update the business situation of each point of sale.

 Precise Market Measurement: Sales targets are designed and distributed efficiently, accurately to each sales staff, point of sale for each industry, SKU, coverage, etc. help Enterprises make the right strategic direction.

Promotions from simple to complex are also managed on the system to help companies measure and control strictly the budget and implementation of promotions on each order, point of sale.

Additionally, the special feature that DMS solution brings is that when the Enterprises holding the “shore head” workshops to introduce products to farmers will be easier as the software solution has integrated features to help manage, schedule care, seminars, statistics quickly and accurately.

This is why Companies such as Hop Tri, Cau Dat Farm use the eSales Cloud DMS solution to raise profitability and reduce operating costs.

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