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DMS Distribution Management Solution for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

In order to develop effective distribution channels, the Enterprises should in expert opinions apply software technology to their businesses instead of using traditional management methods. Especially the distributor management software (DMS) is built and developed based on cloud computing and mobile applications.

Characteristics of the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry are high consumption products, the consumer demand for this industry is quite high. As a group of low price product, getting expired for a short time, generally about 1 year to several months, for example, sanitary wares, household grocery products, etc. Today, in Vietnam, many supermarkets and convenience stores have “emerged” as effective distribution points for this industry. From there, great opportunities and challenges are opened up to the Enterprises of fast moving consumer goods.

The “Problems” set out for the FMCG Enterprises are:

  • How to control the quality of products which are produced in huge volume?
  • Among various choices of brands, how to put the Enterprises own brand at the first choice of Customers?
  • Enterprises have hundreds of distribution points, how to create effective sales routes for salespeople?
  • How do the Administrators control and improve sales performance of Sales staff?
  • Data and statistical reports are inaccurate, time-consuming. How to systematize the data?
  • How to optimize sales channels from traditional to modern?

In the era of digital technology today, it is time for FMCG Enterprises to change their traditional way of management and instead use the software technology. As one of the important factors to help business process efficiency, distributor management software brings benefits such as:

For the Administrators:

To create, edit, and assign MCP to Sales Staff efficiently and quickly

To check and approve new Customers, as soon as receiving requests from the staff with just a few simple steps, managers can easily review new Customers, classify Customers to obtain the most appropriate strategy for each Customer

To check the sales situation of employees, the position of sales staff to optimize their sales performance.

To check sales reports and set up each KPI for each sales staff quickly and easily through sales charts that they bring back from time to time.

In addition, the latest feature of eSales Cloud DMS Solutions enables the installation of Coatching programs that make it easier for managers to do their jobs.

For the Sales Staff

To quickly and timely grasp policies from the corporation, seize the business goals and progress to complete the KPI effortlessly.

Can self-establish the target based on the KPI set, support the visit of sales points, sales routes.

To support for creating new orders, taking pictures, managing promotional, after-sales programs. Simply update customer information and create orders quickly.

To reduce work time on paper, increase productivity.

For the Distributors

To assist tools to support orders, manage sales activities

To easily audit inventory, public debt and report

To calculate the profits from each order that can be automatically collated with the Supplier.

Besides, DMS Distributor Management Software also integrates the subsystem of inventory management, human resource management, PG management, etc. in order for creating a complete solution for each Enterprise.

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