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Enhanced Management of Distribution Channel For Pharmaceutical Industry

Effective distribution channel management is always the first priority of the Enterprises. The focus on developing a network of product consumption helps Enterprises to build and maintain the long-term competitive advantage. Enterprises with strong distribution channels will create the premise to help them get market share and success in the market.

The construction of effective distribution and management channels is for most Enterprises, but with the trend of population aging, increased average incomes, growing attention to health care leads to the growth of the pharmaceutical industry that is always on two digits. This requires the distribution channels of Pharmaceuticals to meet the growing needs of people, statistically the pharmaceutical industry is now having three main distribution channels, namely hospitals, retail outlets and private clinics.

So the challenge is that with the traditional management method, can Enterprises effectively manage the distribution channels to bring products to the users in the fastest way? Can collect market information, coverage quickly? Can standardize employee workflow? Or can control the promotions, after-sales, showcases, etc.

The answer is no if the Enterprises cover its distribution channels throughout the region and the country. So the problem is how to build and manage distribution channels effectively?

Thus many domestic companies have applied the information technology into production and distribution, particularly, distributor management software (eSale Cloud DMS).

eSales Cloud DMS solution will help Enterprises to tackle many difficulties and enhance management of distribution channel management in today’s competitive environment such as:

First of all: With features integrated in eSales Cloud DMS enterprises will be provided with real and accurate data from which enterprises are consistently active in deploying their sales strategies to the market. The Enterprises are also quite proactive when there are changes, fluctuations in personnel in the distribution system and easy to set up new distributors and new areas for new sales teams.

Second of all: The entire distribution process in eSales is automated to help Enterprises optimize every activity in their sales and distribution processes. Enterprises take the initiative in controlling inventories and optimizing the rotation of goods across their distribution chains.

Third of all: The performance of the sales team is also monitored and promoted to achieve the most optimal effectiveness through the specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with accurate and efficient measurement methods and tools. With automated and optimized workflows that help Enterprises save time and personnel to operate, employees can cover more customers instead of recruiting more personnel.

Fourth of all: With well-designed processes and functions and efficient support of users of the system will help the company to obtain complete and “real” DMS data from market data, selling points, sale routes to inventory, sell-in, sell-out, promotions, exhibits, POSM, etc. and restrict and minimize changes (cook) of sales data.

Fifth of all: Especially, with the advanced features integrated eSales Cloud DMS will help Enterprises to control the expiry of each product produced, efficiently manage inventory, and remind distributors to import goods at each of the appropriate times.

It has been practically proved that the application of eSales Cloud DMS solution to the management and distribution has helped Enterprises have effective management, control and statistics tools. The Enterprises such as Ampharco USA, ECO, Abbott have applied the eSales Cloud DMS solution to their management to improve their workflow.

Along with vibrant and continuous development as today, if failure to apply technological processes into business on time, it is certain that Enterprises shall soon be unable to catch up with the current time. Please contact us for support and advice on sector specific solutions.

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