Today, technology develops at an extremely fast rate and gets smarter day by day. Following the trend of digital transformation, businesses in the world and Vietnam are gradually eliminating manual methods in the operation process. Instead, DMS tools and software are applied to reduce errors and improve the accuracy and speed of distribution activities.

DMS is a tool to manage and monitor online sales distribution activities through mobile devices – support management and monitoring of sales distribution channels, improve management costs, and increase administrative productivity and operation. The software is built according to standard processes to help businesses save time, increase the quality of customer care and optimize revenue.

Currently, on the market there are many units specializing in providing DMS distribution management software for businesses. But eSales Cloud DMS is a platform developed by HQSOFT itself, bringing many benefits to businesses such as optimizing business efficiency, improving operational efficiency, and saving management time and costs, … And HQSOFT is proud that eSales Cloud DMS is the first choice for Enterprises when making a difference compared to other DMS providers.

The adaptability of eSales Cloud DMS, a distributor management platform 

Distributor management software – eSales Cloud DMS is built and developed based on the scale and operating process to meet the needs of each business from various industries. And now, many companies in FMCG, F&B, pharmaceutical, lubricants, and other industries have implemented HQSOFT’s solution.

More than 90% of customers’ needs across all industries are met by HQSOFT’s eSales Cloud DMS, which was carefully developed with the HQSOFT team based on the operating model and traits of each type of enterprise in the FMCG, F&B, pharmaceutical, etc. The staff will assume accountability and work closely with clients to swiftly resolve issues when they arise.

Independently created and run, not reliant on third parties

Currently, the majority of distributor management software on the market is created using platforms from third parties. Therefore, if there are errors during use, it will be very difficult to modify, and there is a chance that existing customers will be impacted when a third party updates the product.

eSales Cloud DMS is a self-developed platform, users can use it with confidence. With the information security policy, safety is always ensured while using the Customer for all data that is stored by the Customer on the software. HQSOFT will actively change during use for any reason that may arise in order to provide customers with the best experience.

In addition, the software of HQSOFT is developed on Cloud Server to help users easily access devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops,… Especially, the information on the system is highly confidential; data storage becomes simpler and more flexible. Users always easily access and control the data warehouse across multiple devices, not limited by space and time.

Expansion and development trends – Distributor management software from HQSOFT

The software is always updated and built with different modules to meet all the needs of customers. In addition, the team with long-term experience is an expert in the industry, so it is easy to catch trends and needs to launch new features and modules to improve efficiency in the use process of customers to optimize the business operations of the Enterprise.

The modern retail and distribution management ecosystem includes:

With more than 16 years of experience in the field of providing distribution and retail management software, HQSOFT is confident to bring the best solutions to meet the needs of customers. If you have any questions, please contact the hotline: 0792.342.278 for the fastest and free consultation.

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