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Johnson & Johnson

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A pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer goods packaging company based in the United States, Johnson & Johnson was established in 1886. With 120 years of parent and hospital trust, the Johnson’s Baby brand is now a global leader in children’s skincare and haircare products.


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JTI, a member of the JT Tobacco Group and a global leader in the tobacco and e-cigarette industries, operates in over 130 nations. Winston, the No. 2 brand in the world, and Camel, a well-known brand outside of the United States, are owned by JTI. Additionally, JTI is a market leader in the e-cigarette industry, with well-known brands like Logic and Ploom.

Huong Thuy

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The 1994 establishment of Huong Thuy Production Trading Service Joint Stock Company. It has grown to be one of the biggest and most reputable producers and importers of consumer food goods in the Vietnam market after almost 30 years of operation. With a staff of almost 500 people and offices and distribution centers in three major cities, including Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. Huong Thuy is always prepared to meet all customer needs including those for milk, cake, and candy.


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Officially founded in 1995 as Kao Vietnam Company, it was renamed Kao Vietnam Co., Ltd in 2008.
Production, distribution, domestic sales, and exportation of tampons, concrete admixtures, highly biodegradable surfactants, skin and hair care products, cleaning agents, and household cleaning are among the company’s main business segments.


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Vedan was founded in Vietnam in 1991. Vedan Vietnam is currently one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers in Asia, producing starch, amino acid products, and food flavor enhancers using fermentation and biotechnology.



Using contemporary Japanese snack production technology, Oishi introduced its first Oishi Shrimp snack product in 1974. Products from Oishi Snack emerged on the Vietnamese market and quickly gained popularity. Vietnamese consumers of all ages and from every region of the nation adore Oishi products; in fact, the word “Oishi” is frequently used in place of the word “snack” in Vietnam. One could say that Oishi dominates the Vietnamese snack market and that many generations of Vietnamese associate their childhood with Oishi snack foods.


Saigon Beer Company served as the foundation for the establishment of Saigon Beer – Alcohol – NGK Corporation (SABECO). Saigon Beer is currently holding the top spot in the beer industry in Vietnam and has received the honor of being recognized as a National Brand five times in a row after 145 years of establishment and development, with many difficulties and challenges.

Qui Phuc

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Qui Phuc Manufacturing – Trading – Service Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 and has nearly 40 years of experience in the stainless steel-plastic interior and exterior industry in Vietnam. Previously, the company was known as the Duc Thanh facility and was established in 1985. Plastic and stainless steel tables and chairs are among the products offered by Qui Phuc Plastic Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior Company. Office furniture, shelves, poles, ladders, beds, and hammocks are all made of plastic. The distribution network for Qui Phuc is currently present across the nation with more than 7,000 stores and agents and has exported to close to 20 nations and territories.

Kem Nghia

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The Vietnamese company Kem Nghia, also known by its abbreviation Kem Nghia Joint Stock Company, is focused on the manufacturing and distribution of nail care products like nail and skin clippers, nail files, nail clippers, nail polish, and other items and care services for beauty. After many ups and downs, Kem Nghia is now Vietnam’s top manufacturer and trader of nail care products. Due to the company’s products’ superior quality, longevity, sharpness, product design, and most importantly, brand reputation, consumers in Vietnam and around the world also favor them.


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With its headquarters in San Ramon, California, and operations in more than 180 nations, the Chevron Corporation (commonly referred to as Chevron) is a multinational energy company. The activities of Chevron include the exploration, production, and transportation of crude oil and natural gas as well as the manufacturing and trading of petroleum products as well as the refining, marketing, and distribution of transportation fuels and other energy products. Petrochemical goods, electricity production and geothermal energy, offering energy-saving solutions and creating potential new energy sources like biogas and other renewable energy sources.
Chevron Group has established its position in the global lubricant market after more than 20 years of growth, ranking among the top 10 lubricant companies in the world today.