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Catching up with market trends
HQsoft applies cutting-edge technology to bring its customers the best experience.


Modern technologies based on cloud computing


Mobile technology


Global Positioning System (GPS)


Digital map technology


Application of algorithm and artificial intelligence


Powerful integration with systems and devices, including IoT


Cross-platform, multi-device.


eSales SFA – Sales Force Automation

SFA (Sales Force Automation) is a technology solution to automatically optimize the sales process and business activities of the sales team. Today, SFA has demonstrated practical benefits, effectively supporting the work of sales staff, as well as improving management and maximizing revenue for businesses.


eSales PG – PG Management Solution

eSales PG is a solution that helps enterprises manage the PG team, making it easy to connect and operate the PG team’s operation process. PG management software will help enterprises optimize time management and increase employee performance. At the same time, enterprises will continuously update market fluctuations, and explore promotions and competitor activities.


1CX – The No.1 Customer Experience Platform

Manufacturers and suppliers may better engage their customers by using the 1CX Platform, a customer experience and loyalty management platform. They can provide customers with an unforgettable customer experience by establishing VIP clubs, offering premium deals, and enhancing personalization with behavioral mechanisms.


Data Warehouse & BI

By understanding the needs and importance of data analysis, We have built a Data Warehouse based on MS Azure Data Warehouse. It is a modern data warehouse lets you bring together all your data at any scale easily, and to get insights through analytical dashboards, operational reports, or advanced analytics for all your users. 


nRetail – The New Retail Platform

nRetail is a New Retail Platform, this is a model with a modern combination of traditional and online retail (O2O) to create an extremely effective and convenient ecosystem for suppliers, stores and consumers to participate in the experience, interact online with each other.

DMS soltion HQsoft

eSales DMS Solution – Distribution Management System Solution

Help enterprises achieve amazing business results, save costs, increase business performance and profitability; improve sales effectiveness, control staff, and measure business results.



With more than 20 years of operation and development in the field of consulting and providing packages of effective software solutions to enterprises of different industries and sizes, we are proud of being a trusted partner of more than 200 large companies across Vietnam and South East Asia through provision of industry specific solutions.