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All HQsoft employees adhere to the company’s 12 core values. Fortunately for HQsoft because it has become the common home, the second home of every employee. Because of that, HQsoft always takes care of space for each employee’s work, the most comfortable space to work, helping employees develop the work of each.

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Employee Development Policy:

At HQsoft there is always a budget for training staff, from the manager to the basic staff. All teams will participate in English classes, soft skills, and courses to improve professional knowledge for staff.

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Salary Policy:

HQsoft always guarantees benefits for staff|:

  • Salaries matching to work and value contribute to staff
  • Competition compared to general markets
  • Guarantees fairness and Clarity
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Award Policy:

HQsoft always encourages employees’ efforts at work and respects the contribution, hard work for the development of the company. We have policy award betimes.

  • “Hot Prize”: Use for employees who have great achievements or achievements when executing projects.
  • The Prize for thirteen month
  • The prize for Tet holidays or traditional days.
  • Allowance: support travel expenses, telephone costs for employees
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Compensation Policies:

All of staff when you sign formal contract with HQsoft will have social security contribution. Health Insurance, accident insurance follow state-specified standard.

Organizing travel for employees each year to make people have the opportunity to exchange, relax and enjoy their time.

Organizing activities for staff and families staff in international day like women day, children’s day, mid-autumn festival….

Organize activities for the special days of the company such as: Qday, HQsoft Birthday