Trang chủ Tin Tức Benefits of eSales Delivery Management Software

Benefits of eSales Delivery Management Software

What benefits does eSales Delivery Management Software bring to enterprises? In today’s distribution market, in order to improve the customer’s trust, and the brand’s reputation as well as to win the fierce market “war” besides the quality of goods and services, the freight forwarder is the “key” of today’s enterprises.

However, distribution enterprises now face many difficulties in managing import and export goods 

  • Time-consuming when using manual method to manage goods
  • Unable to track the shipment of goods
  • Data is inaccurate, honest, and difficult to manage
  • Can’t track customer transaction history
  • Expensive costs, papers, loss of goods
  • Failure to effectively exploit delivery resources (employees, vehicles, time, etc.)

Delivery management software – eSales Delivery was born with the feature of limiting data errors in importing and exporting goods, above all, the role of eDelivery software is to help enterprises strengthen the trust of customers when it is possible to ensure the quality and quantity of goods can reach the customer quickly and accurately.

Features of Delivery Management Software- eSales Delivery

With eDelivery software solution that allows users to access both “Cloud” and “App” sales with preeminent features such as:

Delivery management software on APP PDA (mobile device)

The function of the software is set up on the delivery staff’s mobile device, based on the delivery system, the delivery staff will understand the delivery route, and optimize the route with the highest performance.

When arriving at each distribution point, the delivery staff will record the delivery images to synchronize with the system, ensuring their working performance.

In addition, when employees synchronize the system, they will receive information from the corporation, and notes or Customer support programs are also integrated into the system to notify employees.

Above all, the eDelivery software system will change the traditional working method, the software will provide detailed information about the Customer, the order, and the Customer’s location for the “drivers” of the Enterprise to complete well your responsibilities without too much talent

Cloud web delivery management software

With the system’s features, it allows users to set specific properties of the Enterprise on Master Data, including properties of goods, sales area, delivery, and Customer information.

Moreover, the system allows users to manage properties such as distribution management solutions, warehouse management, shipping order management, promotion catalogs, as well as vehicle information. and delivery staff.

Based on the eSales Delivery software system, the management level will be able to set up a delivery route to optimize the route and the performance of the delivery staff.

Get information about delivery people, their routes, and the points they go to. After delivery, only a few operations on the management system will understand the information of the completed orders or not, understand the causes of uncompleted orders, from which the management level will make the decision most effective.

Goods delivery management software also integrates users with warehouse management features: the operations of importing, exporting, or transferring goods between departments will also be accurately recorded by the system.

From there, the goods at the supplier’s warehouse or the goods in stock at each retail point are also updated accurately and quickly. Support management levels to have an overview of the market and adjust the most appropriate production process.

The eSales Delivery software sales module will allow enterprises to create sales orders on the system, and allocate the delivery system, besides, the system’s superior features are also reflected in the order approval subsystem minimum payment.

The software’s feature will support users to retrieve and browse orders that are being delivered but not collected enough. The management level will understand the sales activities of each customer as well as the financial situation of each retail point so that the management level will have the most effective development and distribution strategy.

The increase in sales and performance of delivery staff will depend heavily on management reporting data.

With eSales Delivery software, allowing enterprises to set up reports according to each position and position, images of deliveries to Customers or Customer’s debts are integrated into management reports.

Warehouse reports will let management know the status of goods import, export as well as inventory at each distributor, knowing the exact quantity of goods at the warehouse will support an effective production strategy most efficient and accurate.

Benefits when enterprises apply delivery management software solutions

  • Systematize the management of delivery and receipt of goods for customers: all information about orders, deliveries, and debts will be integrated into the same system. Data access will be easier and more accurate.
  • Save time and costs in business operations: Optimizing the route will help enterprises save a lot of costs and travel time, from which the performance of delivery staff will be maximized by diversification.
  • Shorten delivery processing time and exceed customer expectations
  • Easy to use, simple to operate, anytime and anywhere: The system is integrated into Cloud Web and on both the APP system of employees and management levels, simple operation and accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Manage personnel, delivery route: Business owners will no longer have to worry about delivery personnel as well as the route, images are recorded and synchronized on the system, which will help managers have more tools and employee management support.

The automatic order submission system as well as the intuitive, accurate, and honest reporting system help to provide a set of “true data” to support the optimization of business and production strategies of the management.

For some enterprises, the forwarding operation is one of the most important activities in the business, it will be an advantage to compete in the current market.

And eSales Delivery – delivery management software with the function of managing operations quickly, in a timely manner, reducing costs, and bringing optimal satisfaction to Customers will create a solid development foundation for Enterprises.

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