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Conquering the Cosmetic Industry With DMS Software

According to statistics from the Japanese Yano Research Institute, Vietnam is one of the countries with the fastest and strongest growing cosmetic market in Southeast Asia. To be able to acquire and develop, DMS software is one of the solutions to help businesses increase business efficiency.

The growth of the cosmetics market share in Vietnam is reflected in the increase in the number of people who wear makeup and pay for cosmetic products. The Asia Plus company conducted a survey within 3 months, and the results showed that the number of women wearing makeup increased from 76% to 86%, and the number of people wearing regular makeup also increased from 35% to 39%.

According to the same survey, an average Vietnamese woman pays 300,000d/month for cosmetic products, twice as much as two years ago. This increase focuses on young women aged 20-29 with an income of 20 million dong a month, at the same time, besides cosmetic products for women, cosmetic products for men have also increased. dominating the market.

People’s living standards are getting higher and higher, the environment is increasingly harsh, and pollution levels in Vietnam are increasing, leading to more popular and widely used care and protection products…

Difficulties for Cosmetic Manufacturing and Distribution Enterprises

External factors

One of the biggest barriers for cosmetic businesses today is the fight against fake goods and poor-quality goods on the market. As the market grows, it is increasingly difficult to control goods.

The business of online cosmetic products continues to grow, which is also a big challenge for businesses trading and distributing cosmetic products. Online businesses such as Shopee, Lazada, and Tiki will develop in the coming period and are the biggest competitors to Retail store-based businesses.

Foreign brands are increasingly attacking the Vietnamese market with advanced and modern technology, which will be a challenge for domestic manufacturing enterprises.

Internal factors

Controlling product quality and managing sales staff is one of the top challenges faced by businesses. The increasing demand of the people, leads to the expanding distribution system of enterprises, leading to difficult control of goods, unmeasurable production, and a difficult market, along with difficulties in management. Manage the sales team, PG, about their work performance, quality, and working time.

Promotions are a lever to boost sales, but controlling, claiming results, and calculating costs and rebates are obstacles after promotions make the programs effective

Complete business processes with DMS solutions

For the challenges in the production and distribution process, the big enterprises in Vietnam in the cosmetic industry have seen the above difficulties and implemented a strategy to innovate the distribution system and production process through DMS software solutions.

  • For product quality: with the inventory control feature, the quality of goods allows business owners to control each item, and the quantity of goods in stock, and ensure the expiry date for each item. With strict control process and QR-code system to minimize counterfeit products, counterfeit goods, and poor quality goods.
  • For the sales team (PG): the solution allows managers to set up sales routes, visit customers according to standard procedures, manage information at each point of sale, make an application for leave on the system, track sales results, and detailed and accurate sales targets.
  • For promotions: the application of the software will support claiming results quickly and accurately after each promotion, products and Customer information will be updated daily, and hourly to help customers. The next promotional campaign will be effective.
  • For the market: software technology will be integrated into employees’ mobile devices, and they will update the situation of the market, competitors, and products. Support business owners to measure and evaluate potential markets from which to have effective business strategies.


To ensure the needs of the market as well as increase the customer’s experience, the application of a distribution system management solution will help businesses get a set of “real data” about the market, care strategies Effective customers, increase business efficiency

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