PG stands for Promotion Girl, which is a girl with a beautiful appearance, grace, and talent to persuade customers. The main task of PG is to represent the brand to promote marketing activities at events, points of sale, and conferences.

Because PG is the representative face of the brand, PG managers will have an important role in guiding and managing the working process.

PG management software will help businesses optimize management time and increase employee performance.

Here are the outstanding benefits that PG management software brings to businesses

  1. Monitor all marketing activities of the PG team

When using the software, PG Leader and the management team always know information such as where PG is working, at what time, and what is the content of the work. That helps:

  • Save cost and time management PG
  • Measure and increase the productivity of PG
  • Manage sales route management
  • Manage and change the working time of PG

In addition, PG Leader levels do not need to go or check at the point of sale to see if PG is working, how is the PG’s working performance, … all of the above information is always updated in real-time

  1. Scoring PG according to predefined criteria

Previously, management levels often managed the PG team according to the “Manual” method. This is difficult in management work and leads to evaluation results that are not transparent and fair.

But when using PG management software, managers only need to set up criteria such as whether employees are in the right uniform, whether they come to work on time, and how to behave and communicate with customers, … with just a few simple steps on the software. From there, it will bring a lot of benefits to management levels:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Comply with company regulations
  • Adjust the plan to improve the work quality of the PG team
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and working attitude of each PG
  • Evaluate and award rewards based on the performance of each employee

3. Timely update of market information

The information about the number of goods sold, the quantity of inventory, the display activities, and the promotional goods are aggregated on the software in the form of a report in real time.

  • Actual quantity of goods sold
  • Actual inventory quantity
  • Monitor display and sales activities at the point of sale
  • Make a development plan according to the actual shape of each issue of sale and region

4. Support PG in customer marketing

PG does not have to record sales reports, and inventory points of sale by manual method. Sales-related activities will be recorded directly by the software with just a few simple steps.

In addition, PG can use the software to make leave applications, be late and report online to the Leader without sending email or phone.

In particular, the sales results, working time, and KPIs results are aggregated by the software so that PG can monitor themselves. For PGs who work actively and seriously, the system will recognize and the enterprise will reward according to work results based on PG’s performance.

Outstanding features that eSales PG Solution brings:

  • Query employee coordinates: Enterprises can monitor the location and coordinates of employees via GPS, and at the same time manage PG’s working time.
  • Divide sales routes effectively, based on the area where the sales location is located. The store visit routing feature will help employees easily save time in moving and navigating the route.
  • Manage all sales activities at the store through PG: Inventory management at the point of sale, Sales management at the point of sale, and Sales order recording.
  • Display management at the point of sale: through PG software to take care of the display of goods in accordance with regulations. The software supports taking photos for display and sending them to the Enterprise.
  • Support Enterprises in promotions, gift giving, samples, and customer rewards… to avoid loss and improve working efficiency.
  • Record market and competitor information is also something that Enterprises need to pay attention to in order to have a business development plan to match the actual situation.
  • In addition, PG management software supports PG management through KPIs set to optimize employee performance.

Thus, through PG management software, businesses will save management costs, and improve the working efficiency of the PG team in the market. At the same time, businesses will continuously update market fluctuations, and explore promotions as well as competitor activities. Through a team of PG Enterprises, it will enhance the brand and professional image. The professionalism of the Enterprise will be shown when the Customer’s feedback is recorded and answered quickly.

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