eSales Cloud DMS is a software trusted by Johnson & Johnson to manage its distributor system in Vietnam and Philippines markets. Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is an 1886-founded American packaging business for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer goods. It is a healthcare brand with more than 250 companies across 57 nations, giving it the size and impact of the world’s biggest consumer. For 120 years, parents and doctors have relied on Johnson’s Baby for children’s skin and hair care products. 

The market needs to be increased due to ongoing growth and growing trust in J&J’s products. In order to meet the demands of the market, the manager of J&J made the decision to increase the sales team and extend the distribution market. Johnson & Johnson’s management chose to work together in 2012 to deploy HQSOFT’s eSales Cloud DMS DMS in the Vietnam and Philippines markets and has continued to support the system ever since.

Difficulties that Johnson & Johnson faced before implementing DMS software

  • Difficulties in managing distributors: In addition to the continuous development of products, the enterprise has faced a number of challenges within the production, distribution and sales processes. This leads to many difficulties in controlling the quantity of goods in the process of distributing products to consumers.
  • No data synchronization – Loss of time to synthesize reports: Due to not using DMS software, sales teams spend a lot of time on aggregating order statistics and sending orders to the company. The data between sales teams is also heterogeneous, due to the different storage of sales staff. It takes a lot of time for the management department to gather information and process data. The data after being aggregated is not clear, the goods data is still not accurate. Quarterly and yearly statistical periods take months to synthesize and standardize data.
  • Difficulty in managing promotions: At the same time, when the company launches discounts, promotions, after-sales… After each campaign, employees have to spend months to get new statistics can aggregate all the products that have been donated, discrete customer information is not uniform, …

Solutions that HQSOFT has provided to Johnson & Johnson

  • In Vietnam: apply DMS Software – eSales Cloud DMS for the traditional distribution channel including 120 distributors and 300 sales staff.
  • In the Philippines: applied to the traditional distribution channel including 23 distributors and 280 sales staff.
  • Deploying eSales DMS Solution to manage the distributor system for management levels: Head Office, Distributor, Sales Manager, …
  • Using the order management feature to easily track all supplier orders, the sales team can easily optimize business strategies.
  • Providing management features of promotions: discounts, promotions, after-sales,….
  • In addition, every year eSales Software has upgraded versions to improve J&J’s DMS solution more and more modern. Features are changed according to J&J’s operating model for high efficiency. In the past time, there have been many changes in the model, but HQSOFT’s eSales Cloud DMS solution still meets the requirements.

Result received

  • The eSale Cloud DMS system has helped J&J strictly control the transmission of promotional information to distributors. At the same time, the analysis of inventory data, promotion, sales, display, coverage, POSM, and compliance of the sales team… also happens faster and more efficiently.
  • Save time, human and material resources in the process of order management, information synthesis, and data processing.
  • Synchronize data at all distributors on the fly based on the use of templates.
  • In addition, DMS software also helps businesses have a better overview of sales activities and goods distribution processes. Thereby helping businesses optimize processes and meet customer needs

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