Home News [CHEVRON x HQSOFT] CHEVRON successfully applied eSales DMS Solution software to the distribution management in Philippines and Vietnam 

[CHEVRON x HQSOFT] CHEVRON successfully applied eSales DMS Solution software to the distribution management in Philippines and Vietnam 

With its headquarters in San Ramon, California, and operations in more than 180 nations, the Chevron Corporation (commonly referred to as Chevron) is a global energy company. The operations of Chevron include the exploration, extraction, and transportation of crude oil and natural gas as well as the reprocessing, marketing, and distribution of other energy products, petrochemical product manufacturing, trading, power, and geothermal energy production, provision of energy-saving technologies, and creation of new energy sources. Chevron, Texaco, and Caltex are the three brands under which Chevron goods are sold.

After more than 20 years of growth, Chevron Group has solidified its place in the global market and grown to rank among the top 10 lubricant producers today. Modernizing distribution routes is one of the company’s strategies, and it has a network of factories and distributors that spans more than 180 nations. Chevron implemented DMS software in the manufacturing and distribution process in 2016 after realizing there were numerous management process challenges.

Challenges that Chevron encountered prior to adopting DMS software

  • Uncontrolled business operations: The production and distribution of products will be very challenging in the absence of management software. As a result, businesses struggle to successfully manage their operations and manufacturing processes.
  • Sales, order processing, and inventory management were previously done manually, which required a lot of time and did not result in high efficiency.
  • Management, accounting, and collection of Distributors’ debts are difficult.
  • Since there are too many goods and categories, inventory control is not as effective as it could be. The consolidation method has many flaws and the goods control process is time-consuming.
  • Cannot regulate the number of goods produced: unable to distribute goods during prime time. The lack of a monthly breakdown of the goods makes it impossible to prepare the goods for the busy season, which causes shortages of the goods.

Solutions that HQSOFT has provided to Chevron

  • In Vietnam: apply DMS Software – eSales Cloud DMS for the traditional distribution channel including 70 distributors and 200 sales staff.
  • In the Philippines: apply to the traditional distribution channel including 9 distributors and 300 sales staff
  • Deploy distributor management system eSales DMS to manage sales process, freight process, sales staff management process.
  • Provide solutions for debt management, reconciliation, and debt recovery for Distributors.
  • Use the solution to manage the source of goods and the quantity sold to the market. From there, it is easy to control the goods, in case of stocking for the peak season.

Result received after 7 years of using eSales Cloud DMS

For administrators:

  • Effective control of business and production processes.
  • Measure the coverage, control the source of goods and the number of goods sold to the market
  • Optimize employee performance, save freight time
  • Anticipate market needs, and make effective business decisions.
  • The company has a “real” DMS data set from market data, point of sale, sales route to inventory, sell-in, sell-out, promotion, display, POSM… maximum blocking cases of changing (cook) sales data.
  • Systematize the sales process, efficiently process orders, manage inventory, and have a reasonable sales proposal.

For Sales Staff:

  • Minimize manual and paperwork. Professional workflow. Only with a mobile device with DMS software set up, employees can easily update order history, inventory, and sales targets, besides, the integrated system allows sales staff to send orders. Directly to the distributor or company quickly.
  • Through synchronization at the beginning of the day, sales staff will know the key tasks of the day, update announcements from the human resources department, promotion announcements, and notes on new products launched to the market.
  • The sales route is available on the employee’s GPS map, they will know the targets of the day, where to go, and what to do to fulfill the company’s targets. Customer visit performance is improved.

In addition, Chevron Philippines also applies invoice printing technology at each retail point, sales efficiency is increased quickly and more professionally. Besides, the system will update the information of the orders and send quick update reports to the administrator. Metrics will help business owners get the correct sales strategy, increase revenue, and optimize business operations.

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