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Cloud Computing DMS EcoSystem – Distribution System Management Solution

The development of digital technology and Internet has completely changed modern social lifestyle. This also results in gradual changes in consumers’ behaviors and habits. Therefore, Enterprises must frequently adapt themselves and readily change to catch up with current trends. The application of information technology and cloud computing to distribution system management is quite popular among existing Enterprises.

eSales Cloud DMS ecosystem was launched with the objective to connect all of stakeholders to the same system, helping enterprises with a data collection solution for all of their sales channels.

eSales Cloud DMS ecosystem will provide enterprises with following features:

  1. In response to today’s increasingly complex multi-channel consumer market trend, eSales Cloud DMS has designed eSales EcoSys framework to be ready for Enterprises to embrace and participate in the Multi-channel sales and distribution ecosystem.
  2. Data processing speed is fast for a large volume of data: thanks to the application of cloud computing and Big Data technologies, data processing speed will be much more effective than traditional methods that Enterprises are using; as a result, data will be updated quickly and accurately. Administrators will no longer have to spend too much time, money and personnel resources on data management
  3. Provide users with an intuitive and flexible reporting feature: reports are displayed in form of charts depending on the users’ needs to configure different types of reports. Users will have the most objective view on the products, sales and performance.
  4. Increase brand value: Effective deployment and management of sales programs will help attract consumers and promote their consumption behaviors, increase loyalty consumer loyalty, and further strengthen the collaboration with distributors by offering them practical benefits. eSales Cloud DMS Distribution System Management Solution will also provide the features and processes for strict management of display programs and POSM, which helps to increase brand identity and promote a professional product presence at each point of sales.
  5. Systematize the sales process: providing closely-designed processes and functions and effective user support in the system will enable enterprises to obtain a complete and “real” DMS dataset on the market, points of sale, lines of sale, inventory, sell-in, sell-out, promotion, product display, POSM…
  6. Smart administration application: eSales Cloud DMS system can support all kinds of users’ devices, web browsers, and apps for tablets and mobile phones, which offers more convenience and comfort to users.

DMS ecosystemOur motto is always accompanying the Enterprises and providing solutions to manage the distribution system professionally. eSales Cloud DMS – Distribution Management Solution – Cloud Computing ecosystem is proud to be one of the professional solutions to help Enterprises maximize their business operations and profitability.

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