Distributor and Retailer are two common concepts in the buying and selling of goods. These are the bridges that help transport goods from the producer to the final consumer. What is the difference between Distributor and Retailer?

What is a Distributor?

A distributor is understood as an intermediary that helps connect products from manufacturers to retailers and consumers. In addition, the distributor also buys goods from the manufacturer to store in his warehouse and then resells to points, retail points and consumers.

Definition of Retailer?

Retailer is a person who supplies products directly to consumers. The retail price is not specified but depends on each retailer. Currently, there are many retailers in the market, so there is a lot of pressure on distributors

Difference between Distributor and Retailer

Acting as an intermediary between Manufacturers and RetailersActing as an intermediary between Distributors and Consumers
Large (Usually 1 province, region, region)Small (Usually 1 Village, Commune, or Town,…depending on the point’s business level)
It is not necessary to have a store to do businessNeed a store to display products
Required to have a warehouse to store goodsIt is not necessary to have a warehouse when you need to call the supplier to provide.
Need to ensure the quantity to meet the needs of the retailerNo need to store too much, just make sure the consumption amount of points. When out of stock, you can order from Distributor
Compulsory sales commitment with ManufacturerOptional
Sales staff is required to take care of retail pointsUnnecessary
Distributor will sell at the price set by ManufacturerThe retail point decides the selling price

Distribution of goods to consumers is a common feature of both distributor and retailer, despite their full differences. Businesses need to utilize additional software to tightly manage the commodities distribution process in order to establish an efficient distribution system, which will help them maximize earnings and reduce management time.

Understanding the needs of enterprises in applying technology to management, HQSOFT has launched 2 solutions eSales Cloud DMS and nRetail Platform to manage Distributors and Retailers.

So what is the difference between eSales Cloud DMS and nRetail Platform solutions?

eSales DMS is an effective solution to help enterprises automate sales activities in the distribution chain; solve problems in the management and operation of the distribution system. Provide solutions to simplify the sales process to optimize the performance of the sales force and related processes and channels.nRetail is a new retail platform built and developed with the combination of the traditional retail method and online method (O2O), thereby creating an effective and convenient ecosystem in favor of Suppliers, Stores and Consumers where they can participate in to directly interact with each other.
Website, ApplicationApplication
HO Admin, Distributor:
– System management
– Master data
– Warehouse Management (IN)
– Purchase (PO)
– Sales (OM)
– Promotion Management (TPM)
– Display Manager, POSM
– Accumulation Program Manager
– Payable (AP)
– Receivables (AR)
– Revenue/Expense (CA)
– BI/Analytical Dashboard
– Report
SUP/ASM/RSM – Area, region, domain management:
– Sales Route (MCP)
– Browse leave
– Work plan
– Train
– Coverage analysis
– Report
Salesman – Salesperson:
– Manage sales routes and visit customers
– Order recording
– Record store inventory
– Take pictures for the exhibition
– Record market information
– Reports & KPI
Delivery man
– Delivery route management
– Record delivery information
– Reports & KPIs
PG: eSales PG
– Shift management
– Manage uniforms
– Leave Management
– Workflow management
– Take pictures for the exhibition
– Order recording
– Record store inventory
– Record market information
– Reports & KPIs
– Order & Delivery Management 
– Promotion & Loyalty Programs 
– DMS, ERP, WNS Integration 
– Market/ Store Info Collection 
– Order Suggestion 
– Vendor Info & Communication
– BoD
– HO users
– Salesforce
– Audit
– PG
– Delivery man
– Distributor
– Dominate Market
– Optimize Sales Operation
– Own Accurate Data
– Easy To Extend Business
– Maximize Profit
– Save Investment Cost
– Transform Distribution
– Increase Customer Engagement
– Simplify Ordering, Optimize Business
– Reach more Customers and Remote Areas
– Right Promotion to Right Store
– In-Store Checking with less cost

It is important for businesses to optimize distribution chain management businesses need to find the right solution to manage the supply chain from manufacturers, and distributors to retail points.

With more than 16 years of experience in the field of providing distribution and retail management software, HQSOFT is confident to bring the best solutions to meet the needs of customers. If you have any questions, please contact the hotline: 0792.342.278 for the fastest and most free consultation.

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