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Differences between Enterprises using DMS solutions

In recent years, distributed system management solutions, also known as DMS solutions, have been mentioned a lot and often. So what is a DMS solution? and what is the difference between Enterprises that have applied DMS and Enterprises that have not applied DMS software?

DMS Solution (Distributor management system) is a software solution for manufacturing and distribution enterprises. The DMS solution gives enterprises an overview of the distribution market, and at the same time controls the operation and flow of products from the company to the distributor, from the distributor to the agents. stores and consumers. Help enterprises manage and measure fully from sell-in companies to distributors, agents, and customers of the MT/GT channel. Control sell-out from distributors, and agents to stores, and grocery stores. Off-take from the supermarket, and store to the end consumer. Since then, the Enterprise can overcome the disadvantages in distribution, increase the work efficiency of employees, come up with the right strategy, and increase the company’s revenue.

To understand why a DMS solution has become an indispensable tool for enterprises, let’s take a look at the basic differences between enterprises with and without a DMS solution.

Differences between enterprises that have applied and have not applied DMS solutions

Sales staff performance

Enterprises that have not implemented software solutions complain about not knowing their sales team’s working hours. Every day, they must spend a significant amount of time reviewing personnel; management only assesses via sales and has not yet optimized their performance and job outcomes. Are your staff working on time and doing well? Employees may also utilize business time to perform other tasks. Employees who have no plans to work have a lot of obstacles in the process of managing work -> working performance could be better.

This has been overcome by enterprises applying DMS solutions, setting up DMS solutions on employees’ mobile devices, helping employees to be proactive in their work, having a clear work plan, setting up Specific KPIs, and minimizing manual reporting operations. Help employees save time, process works quickly, and improve work efficiency as well as professionalism. For the management level of the Enterprise, it is easy to manage employees and understand the working situation of employees. Timely staff support.

Measure the market

  • Previously, when DMS was not applied, enterprises often sold goods by the method of “buying and selling in pieces” without knowing the flow of products, could not coordinate the market and the most difficult thing was not knowing exactly How exactly the company’s products currently covered the market. This leads to suboptimal business strategies and easy loss of market share.
  • With the use of a DMS system, Enterprise market news can now be precisely understood in real-time. Staff will update market, competition, and product information in “real-time” to offer managers tools to alter and optimize corporate strategy. Furthermore, the system immediately records the customer’s input, which is then handled in a timely and suitable manner. At the same time, the Enterprise will determine who the primary product consumers are. What are their characteristics and preferences? And how can you reach your consumers the quickest? The distribution and promotion tactics will then be optimized.

Inventory at the point of distribution

  • Because of the effect of conventional distribution and distribution characteristics, controlling products at the point of sale sometimes presents several challenges. Due to the numerous objective impacts of distributors and the market, enterprises are unable to balance supply and demand.
  • Inventory management has been easier since implementing the DMS solution; when the distributor inputs the data, the system records it, and the enterprises can subsequently update the “real-time” number of items at each distribution point. Accurate data enables more effective and professional production planning.

Increase brand awareness at retail

  • It will be “tough” for enterprises that have not used the DMS approach to manage displays at points of sale, or business owners will have to pay a third party to measure and analyze the displays. This costs a lot of money, yet the outcomes aren’t great.
  • However, a DMS solution will assist enterprises in overcoming the challenges of controlling display products. The display management function enables employees to visit each place registered for the exhibition program to record photographs and organize them in line with the company’s requirements in order to maximize the Enterprise’s display strategy.

Maximize profits for enterprises

  • When an enterprise implements a DMS system, it helps to eliminate the use of paper, provide accurate data, and conveniently handle distributor debts.
  • The program successfully establishes the sales index for each employee, maximizes sales, and sets the proper objective for each employee, allowing the organization to earn more sales without using the DMS solution.

Currently, significant enterprises such as Habeco, Kao, Tuong An, and others have used DMS solutions in business and distribution, which has assisted them in modernizing the distribution process as well as successfully dominating the market. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to finish the distribution system management procedure.

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