“October month of love”

Autumn has just ended and my heart is still lingering

October month of waiting

When the birthday comes, the pink candle lights up.”

In October, Autumn goes to the end of the season and prepares for Winter. The autumn sky is covered with white clouds and the yellow sunshine creates enjoyable weather. October flowers dyed enough autumn sunshine, and red and yellow colors blend together to create a delicate charm. Do you know, October is also a month to weave dreams and cultivate plans?

Born in the month of October, they always live seriously and only follow what is right, they treat everyone fairly. They like to keep an atmosphere of peace and harmony, always live right and follow the rules of their life. In particular, they are people who are rich in love and live in harmony, passion, and romance.

People born in October are so friendly they make others want to make friends. Their charm and ease bring a relaxed atmosphere when talking they transform the darkest places into light and peace.

One of the best things about people born in October is their endless creativity. This helps them get many achievements in their work, or determine a path for their choice.

It is fortunate that the HQSOFT family has members born in October. Once again, on behalf of the HQSOFT family, we would like to send our dear birthday wishes to the members with birthdays in this special month. Wishing you a delighted and meaningful birthday. Wishing you always a happy, young, healthy, cool personality, smooth life, and reap much success in all your chosen fields. May your plans and wishes come true soon, and especially, will always keep an “open heart” in your future life journey!

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