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HQSOFT and Perfetti Van Melle are still working together to implement the Data Warehouse & Power BI solution.

The phrase “data warehouse” has spread throughout various industries in recent years. More and more industries are using information technology tools for management, and most economic and social sectors have done so to support employees’ careers and business operations. Because of this, an increasing number of companies are interested in developing and utilizing data warehouse management software.

Data is a resource that enterprises can utilize to better marketing efforts, make informed business choices, and streamline daily operations. Each aims to boost income while cutting expenses. Running intelligent analytics (BI) applications will be restricted if the data set is out of sync, and worse, it may produce inaccurate and deceptive results.

HQSOFT is familiar with the value of DMS data thanks to its more than 20 years of expertise in offering distribution and retail solutions. Data from DMS is information on sales and turnover, which is the cash flow, or lifeblood, of the company. In order to handle all of the company’s sales data, the DMS data volume is also quite huge, and diversified distributors are connected to the business. enterprises require a Data warehouse and Power BI solution due to the significance of evaluating DMS data so that the Board of Directors and Management can effectively synthesize data and make choices. HQSOFT invested in developing a Data Warehouse and BI Dashboard solution based on MS Azure Data Warehouse and Power BI after realizing this.

Introducing Perfetti Van Melle Vietnam

Perfetti Van Melle Company (Vietnam) is one of 35 member companies of Perfetti Van Melle Group – the world’s 3rd largest candy manufacturing group, headquartered in Lainate (Italy) and Breda (Netherlands)…

Perfetti Van Melle is famous for products in the Vietnamese market such as Alpenliebe, Golia, Cofitos, Mentos, Happydent, Big Babol, and Chupa Chups.

With a nationwide distribution system and a sales team of over 1,000 employees. In 2012, after researching DMS solutions, Perfetti Van Melle Company (Vietnam) chose HQSOFT to become a strategic partner providing eSales DMS Solutions to modernize distribution channels.

Realizing that using eSales DMS Solution software brings many benefits to enterprises, Perfetti Van Melle has continued to deploy Data warehouse & Power BI to fully exploit the DMS system over 10 years of operating eSales DMS.

Introduction to Data Warehouse & Power BI solution

Data warehouse & Power BI are designed to support querying and analyzing data for statistical and business analysis purposes. Data warehouses are often used to store a company’s historical and current data, allowing users to query and compile multidimensional data. Through multi-dimensional analysis reports, enterprises comprehensively view business activities to optimize operations for business development.

In a data warehouse, data is stored in a clearly ordered and organized way, making querying and analyzing data easier and faster. In addition, enterprises can also be connected to other systems to get data into the data warehouse so that analytics becomes more transparent and rigorous.

Benefits that Data Warehouse & Power BI software brings to enterprises

  • Query and Analyze Data More Efficiently: It is simpler to query and analyze data in a structured data warehouse because of its clearly defined organization. The amount of data that needs to be collected, stored, and analyzed has increased substantially.
  • Provide accurate and complete information: Data warehouses are regularly updated and contain data from numerous sources, assisting in giving users accurate and comprehensive information.
  • Save time and human resources: All data is stored, eliminating the need to look through and query data from many sources
  • Make easily executive decisions: Facilitated by data analysis from data warehouses, which enables firms to make better operational decisions based on accurate and comprehensive data.
  • Support for measuring and evaluating business performance: Data warehouses offer historical and current data on sales, company performance, and many other variables. Assist consumers in making quick, logical decisions that are more effective; and gain more money…
  • Productivity and work efficiency are increased by using a data warehouse, which also improves the business’s utilization of data through data processing and analysis

HQSOFT would like to sincerely thank Perfetti Van Melle for the trust and companionship during the past 12 years. This is also an opportunity for HQSOFT to continue accompanying businesses to digitalize the distribution system to improve management efficiency and optimize profits.

Wishing the project great success, wishing the relationship between Perfetti Van Melle and HQSOFT to become stronger and stronger, and to achieve the goals that both sides have set out for the future.

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