Home News Huong Thuy cooperates with HQsoft in implementing Digital Transformation of Distribution Systems in The New Era

Huong Thuy cooperates with HQsoft in implementing Digital Transformation of Distribution Systems in The New Era

On November 26, 2020, Huong Thuy cooperated with HQsoft to implement the project of digital distribution system transformation with eSales Cloud DMS solution and nRetail Platform. The project is expected to renovate Huong Thuy’s distribution system.

Huong Thuy – “Trusted Destination” by famous FMCG brands when entering Vietnam market

Huong Thuy Production and Service Trading Joint Stock Company is a company operating in the field of importing and distributing consumer goods. Over 26 years of operation, Huong Thuy has made new steps to gradually affirm its position as the leading Distributor of many FMCG brands in the world when wanting to enter the Vietnamese market.
From a small business with only 10 members at the beginning, after the development stage, Huong Thuy has received a huge investment from Japanese corporations: Sojitz Group and Kokubu Company. With the professional and well investment of the Japanese corporations, Huong Thuy has reached out from the map of Vietnam, which has built up prestige for Groups and enterprises in the consumer goods industry in Vietnam and abroad. At the same time, to also develop a distribution system for consumer goods nationwide to meet the increasing demands of consumers.
Currently, Huong Thuy has branches in major cities such as Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho, and Dong Nai, ready to meet all needs of importing and distributing consumer products by international companies in the Vietnamese market. By owning a modern warehouse system with a capacity of thousands of pallets, meeting the needs of importing and preserving Huong Thuy’s goods well and providing logistics services for customers.
Huong Thuy is distributing such products as: Cheese brand: La vache Qui rit, Anlene milk, Anmum; Meiji confectionery; Pokka soft drinks, Birdy canned coffee, soy sauce, LEE KUM KEE oyster sauce, Gomex instant noodles, Meiji milk, Mortein insecticidal spray; CJ Korea sauces and foods.
Huong Thuy’s supplier partners include: Fonterra Brands (New Zealand), Bel Group (France), Meiji Seika (Singapore, Japan), Lee Kum Kee (Hong Kong), Lotte (Korea), Pokka (Singapore). ), Calpis (Japan), Namchow (Thailand), Meiji Dairies (Japan), Reckitt Benckiser (Thailand), CJ (Korea), Kellogg (USA), Agel (Indonesia), Century Pacific (Indonesia) …

Huong Thuy cooperates with HQsoft to implement digital transformation for their distribution system to create a new transformation in the future

In the digital transformation trend, Huong Thuy has embarked on a transformation plan to carry out digital transformation of its distribution system in order to improve the management and operation of the system. From there, Huong Thuy will grow stronger and become a prestigious and reliable partner of domestic and foreign brands and enterprises.
During that journey, the application of technology to management and operation is what Huong Thuy is always interested in and becomes a concern when distribution businesses all apply advanced technology to enhance their competitiveness.
To solve that problem, on November 26, 2020, Huong Thuy officially cooperated with HQsoft to implement the project of digital transformation distribution system. With the use of two solutions that HQsoft is providing: eSales Cloud DMS solution and nRetail Platform, these will be solid bases for Huong Thuy to be successful in her digital transformation journey.

Distribution Digital Transformation Project Kick-off

The signing ceremony had the presence of BOD and senior management team of Huong Thuy. Mr. Kunihiro and some senior managers of Huong Thuy spoke and hoped the good cooperation between Huong Thuy and HQsoft would bring practical values to both parties.

Accordingly, the eSales Cloud DMS solution will help Huong Thuy modernize the distribution system with the functions of distribution management and operation. Equipping Huong Thuy’s sales team with more professional, accurate, effective sales support tools, active control of business operations, transparent and accurate data. It also help to reach to consumers quickly and widely in order to improve the working capacity of employees. At the same time, management team will grasp the market situation accurately and transparently to have most effective development strategies.

The nRetail platform will be power tool for Huong Thuy to transform its distribution system to meet the market trend and demand. By bringing the distribution system to a digital platform, Huong Thuy can increase the cohesion between businesses and the system. Conducting customer care programs more easily. As well as creating the most favorable conditions for the system to be more proactive in its business.

Besides, Huong Thuy also applies nRetail Platform in the process of digital transformation of distribution systems. This is considered the most modern platform today to help Huong Thuy connect with traditional retailers to strengthen the link between the two sides.

With the application of eSales Cloud DMS solution and nRetail platform, it will make a breakthrough for Huong Thuy to expand its market and catch up with the advanced technology. HQsoft is honored to accompany Huong Thuy in implementing digital transformation of the distribution system.

Some pictures at the signing ceremony of cooperation between Huong Thuy and HQsoft:

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