Nous Vietnam officially signed a cooperation agreement with HQSOFT to deploy eSales SFA solution for more than 15 salesman and nRetail for more than 50 nationwide agents. This is a digital transformation step that helps Nous bring the best customer experience.

Vietnam Nu Joint Stock Company (Nous) was established in 2015, is a unit that produces and sells high-end children’s clothing in Vietnam with the famous brand Nous – Babywear. Nous brand was born to make the best products for babies, with 100% cotton material, non-irritating to the skin, bringing a comfortable and pleasant feeling for babies that are wearing the clothes.

In addition, Nous researches and produces directly many famous fabric lines for children such as Nu Petit, Nu Air, Nu Doux, Nu Thermo, Nu Velours… The fabric lines are still maintained and improved each season to increase the safety and durability of products by Nous. Currently, Nous has 2 main product lines: Nous Baby – Clothing and accessories for newborns to 2 years old and Nous Kids – Homewear for children from 2 to 6 years old.

Nous has used many special technologies and ingredients in products as well as Pioneering the application of Memory Foam technology, which was developed by NASA to produce pillows for astronauts and virgin plastic was certified product safety by RoHS international standard in children’s pillows.

Throughout 8 years of operating enterprises, Nous has won the trust of consumers with fashion products and accessories for babies. This brand also became a familiar partner with the enormous obstetrics hospitals and chain stores for mother and baby care products in Vietnam. Up to now, Nous’s products are available in 63 provinces, and over 1,000 nationwide agents.

For the innovation orientation and ahead of the trend, Nous brings quality, fashion, safe, and convenient products to customers. With the brand’s broad coverage, millions of Vietnamese mothers loved and chose Nous brand.

To meet the needs of expanding distribution channels and agents, Nous has just applied digital transformation with the eSales SFA solution, an effective distribution channel management tool for 15 salesman and 50 agents.

NOUS cooperates with HQSOFT to digitally transform the distribution system – A new step in the future

HQSOFT will deploy technology solutions to help digitize the entire sales and distribution process for Nous, helping to reduce manual work steps and optimize the sales and distribution process throughout the system. At the same time, this conversion also helps Nous easily access customer data to analyze and forecast effective business strategies, contributing to affirming product position in the domestic market.

In addition, this is also a professional and standard working system that allows all activities of each market sales staff to be closely linked with each other or with other departments, helping to support and make sales plans easier, thereby promoting revenue growth.

HQSOFT also provides nRetail solutions to help agents easily connect the supply side – the demand side, contributing to solving difficulties in the ordering process. There is no need to coordinate intermediaries, the process for businesses to receive orders only takes a few seconds and the order processing process is updated in detail on the application. Thanks to that, agents also reduce dependence, easily track physical inventory, and place orders directly with businesses anywhere, anytime.

At the same time, through the nRetail application, businesses can optimize their sales team and enhance their role. From the main task of taking orders, sales staff can now become consultants, customer care specialists, and support sales points to achieve business goals. One employee can manage 2 or 3 times the number of stores compared to before, thanks to the nRetail platform equipped with AI technology to make the job easier.

Sincerely thank the Nous brand for trusting in choosing HQSOFT’s eSales SFA and nRetail solutions to deploy in the business’s digital transformation process. HQSOFT hopes that this solution will help Nous become increasingly successful on the path to affirming its brand position.

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