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nRetail – The New Retail Platform

Digital transformation is essential for retail businesses of all scales. It helps businesses improve and enhance operational efficiency, customer experience, and especially the competitiveness capability in the market.

Nikki Baird, Vice President of Retail Innovation at Aptos gave a revolutionary definition of Retail Digital Transformation in Forbes magazine: “Digital transformation in retail is the shift from a product-focused business model from supply-chain base to a customer-focused model, following a data-driven digital value chain model”.

With a modern model, it will focus on connecting customers through online shopping channels, creating a friendly environment, thereby retaining customer’s loyalty

Here are the following trends that retail businesses need to focus on:

  • Switch from in-store shopping to online shopping via the Internet.
  • Reduce cash spending, then enhance electronic payment with various forms instead such as payment through bank cards, transfers, e-wallets, etc.
  • Increase social network usage, visit websites and e-commerce platforms, join in various kinds of promotions and cheap selling activities, etc.

Digital transformation is essential for the retail industry. So how can enterprises apply digital transformation to their own business?

nRetail – The platform leading the digital transformation trend in the retail market

nRetail is a New Retail Platform. It acts as a model with a unique combination of traditional and online (O2O) retail methods, creating an extremely efficient and convenient ecosystem for suppliers, stores, and consumers all together to participate in online experiences and interactions with each other.

The use of the nRetail application helps businesses easily access suppliers, thereby minimizing the level of difficulty in the ordering process. At the same time, it helps businesses save time in the ordering process. From that, all ordering processes are now conducted with just one quick and convenient operation through the application.

As a result, enterprises could reduce their dependence and easily have a track of their inventory, also ordering directly with suppliers at any time and anywhere.

In addition, using the nRetail application also helps enterprises to optimize the sales team and improve their working efficiency. Instead of the primary task of selling merely as before, the sales staff can now become consultants and focus more on customer care presently. An employee can work 2 or 3 times more productively than before with thanks to the application of technology. 

Through historical purchasing data and virtual assistants, enterprises can easily take care of customers through automated messages. From there, businesses are more convenient in catching and understanding the needs of customers so that it will be easier in put attention to customers; hence optimizing both time and human resources.

nRetail is considered as a new step to help enterprises easily reach customers, bringing a better experience in the purchasing journey, and quickly adapting to market conditions to catch up well with the leading trends. This is the door for businesses to save costs and time in the digital transformation taking place strongly in the retail market.

To learn more about the nRetail platform and have the opportunity to receive many interested promotions, please contact the hotline at 028.7300.6878, email: info@hqsoft.com.vn, or visit the website: https://nretail.asia/ get advice and support.


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