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Qui Phuc enhances customer experience in furniture by modernizing and transforming their distribution

Founded in 2007, formerly known as Duc Thanh establishment in 1985, up to now, Qui Phuc Production – Trading – Service Co., Ltd. has nearly 35 years of experience in the stainless steel – plastic interior and exterior industry in Vietnam.
Up to now, Qui Phuc’s distribution system is widely available nationwide with more than 7,000 Stores – Agents and has exported to nearly 20 countries and territories around the world.

With the characteristics of furniture products that are cumbersome, occupy a large warehouse area, take a long time to transport to customers… This is also a limitation for many furniture companies in the industry when they want to expand coverage and serve customers. Many companies in the industry have scaled up their distribution and service but with no success, they can only serve a limited number of customers and locations. The capability to manage the distribution system is a major barrier and challenge for many companies in the industry.

The Board of Directors of Qui Phuc, with the motto of serving customers is the first priority, has set out a strategy to build and expand the distribution system to meet the criteria of serving customers quickly, thoughtfully and effectively in terms of business and growth. With that strategic vision, the distribution system based on strategic partners who are the distributors of Qui Phuc will be developed nationwide, helping Qui Phuc to quickly bring its products to all customers and families across the country. Along with this important strategy, there is no lack of an advanced and effective distribution system management (DMS) solution to help Qui Phuc to realize this business strategy. Qui Phuc Board of Directors is aware of the importance of DMS solutions and has invested in DMS solutions in 2020, but the capacity of the solution and the supplier did not meet the Qui Phuc expectation, so using was halted after several months of implementation.

In March 2021, the Board of Directors of Qui Phuc restarted this DMS project and HQsoft was honored to be selected by Qui Phuc to evaluate the solution. After many sessions to present and consult, HQsoft was selected by Qui Phuc to be a consulting partner and implement the eSales Cloud DMS solution in the digital transformation project to modernize and transform Qui Phuc’s distribution system.

Kick off Qui Phuc DMS Project

The distribution digital transformation project for Qui Phuc by implementing eSales Cloud DMS solution of HQsoft was carried out by the two sides on the launch ceremony on April 20, 2021 at the head office and factory of Qui Phuc. The ceremony took place solemnly and full of excitement with the high determination of the Board of Directors and members of the project team of both sides.

Kick off Qui Phuc DMS Project
BOD of Qui Phuc and HQsoft
Kick off Qui Phuc DMS Project
Qui Phuc DMS Project Team

This project of implementing eSales Cloud DMS distribution management solution will help Qui Phuc to optimize many problems in the operation and administration of its sales and distribution system. Especially when HQsoft’s eSales Cloud DMS will be fully integrated with Qui Phuc’s ERP system, then the whole process of ordering and processing orders from Distributors or customers will be reduced and save time for handling a lot, no more errors caused by manual execution as before. Data on sales, markets info, KPIs, promotions … will be promptly and fully updated on the system so that Qui Phuc’s Board of Directors can quickly analyze and make timely strategic decisions.

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