There are different types of employees playing different roles in the company, but it’s undeniable that sales staff always play an important role. The high or low sales of companies depend on the sales staff. Because they have the ability to sell products, the ability to negotiate, the ability to convince customers in a good manner. And they has made contributions to the development of the company.

In addition, their role is to find new customers, maintain existing customers, build brand and prestige of the company with their own quality and sales style, Search and widen input resources (supplier), Build internal working procedures to improve the company more and more (good internal relations).

Therefore, the problem posed to Enterprises is how to have the solution to build and train sales staff in the most effective manner. This article will help Enterprises partly solve the difficulties above.

Steps for the Company to Coaching Solution its staff effectively:

First, to have a strong sales force, Enterprises must have staff training strategies.

Training is conducted in many aspects, such as training new employees, the employees who do not work well, and the employees who have a good performance so that they can promote to the management level. In addition, the manager must provide a combined training method between hearing, seeing and practicing, and unify the sales process so that the employees must rely on it to work.

Second, it is necessary to motivate the employees to work for the company in a long term.

Methods that can be used to motivate employees include incentives, allowances for basic needs such as lunch, fuel costs, bonuses, and recognizing quarterly and monthly efforts on the company`s bulletin boards or encouraging senior staff. From these details, the employees are motivated to work and work more efficiently.

Third, set productivity targets:

After the new employee training phase, the managers will rely on the set target plan, may refer to the criteria applied to the new employee. By setting targets, the managers will help people have a clear understanding of what to do and also have motivations to strive to achieve better results.

Forth, Sales management and periodic meetings:

Track weekly, quarterly sales, monitor the work efficiency of each staff; if an employee exceeds the target, then continue to keep that productivity, but if an employee cannot fulfill the target, the manager will make timely adjustments to better fit.

Furthermore, periodic meetings will help exchange information between the managers and the employees, the managers will better understand the employees, update Customer information and have effective strategies for each Customer.

In addition, currently Vietnamese businesses are applying management support tools, such as eSales Cloud DMS software solution for more effective management. The software will manage the training criteria, set up working plans, train, grade, report directly on the software. The software helps optimize every training process with clear and transparent results and bring the high effectiveness.

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