The enthusiasm, energy, dynamism, and union to win all “Games” are this year’s motto for all of HQsoft members. Union creates strength, and with this spirit, all of company members have got closer to each other to warm up the coastal city of Nha Trang.

In order to enhance the spirit of cooperation among departments in the company, in October 2018, HQsoft held an event for all employees in three regions of the country to participate in an exciting travel to the beautiful coastal of Nha Trang city. Here, many interesting games were organized and joined with excitement and energy.

The bustling atmosphere on the beach made it a unique festival for HQsoft in the cheering crowd of its members, which gave more motivation to the teams participating in those games to honor the spirit of union and hardworking efforts for interests of the company.

There were a lot of games, but to participate in and win, it required team cooperation, not just a single person’s efforts. With the Slogan, “Together We Win the Game”, HQsoft team not only win the games together, but also win and succeed in all fronts and marketplaces that were are in.

With the message of this year’s program, HQsoft expects its “warriors” to always keep their enthusiasm and energy at work, and to always work together to overcome any and all of difficulties and challenges to reach the success. This was evidenced by the success that our team made together by winning over all challenges and difficulties of the program under the heat of 40oC in Nha Trang.

After this wonderful Teambuilding event, HQsoft team once again rejoined the atmosphere of pleasure, happiness, and warm, not to mention the amazing excitement of the Gala dinner. This year’s even fell on the very day of appraising women, HQsoft gentlemen prepared a lot of big surprises for our beautiful colleagues, and we have shared with each other many interesting and memorable moments throughout the trip.

In addition, those games in the program were internally developed, but they attracted everyone to participate in and join with the atmosphere. This active participation helped make the room become exciting with joy and laugh clearing up worries and tiredness of the work and creating the motivation for contributing their efforts to HQsoft.

Final event was a lucky drawing and gift-giving event for the most excellent teams in a series of Teambuilding activities. The joy of winning together with the joy of the party will surely leave unforgettable memories in the hearts of participants in the program.

After the teambuilding trip and gala dinner event, members of the company will have more motivation to increasingly unite and cooperate together to further improve their performance. These memories will become a part of all members of the company, and each of them will feel proud to be a part of HQsoft family.

In addition, the trip will help company’s members regain a lot of energy to continue to complete ongoing and future projects to strengthen and maintain HQsoft’s position as one of the leading IT solutions providers in Vietnam.

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