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What Is DMS Solution? Strategies To Increase Enterprise Profit.

Today, the introduction of 4.0 technology is considered as a great development of the modern technology. Achievements of 4.0 technology is the development of cloud computing technology, artificial intelligence, Big Data, … that have helped Enterprises eliminate manual methods, minimize errors, have fast and accurate manipulations. This is also the premise to produce DMS solution, distribution system management solution.

1. What is DMS solution?

For companies and groups, distributing products to the market is very important and managing the entire distribution system at a large scale or a multinational scale is very complex. Therefore, in order to limit and overcome existing difficulties, Enterprises have selected and applied software technology solutions into production and distribution.

Based on the application of cloud computing technology, DMS solution (eSales Cloud DMS) was introduced with the mission to help Enterprises control and measure fully from sell-in company to Distributors, Agents, Customers from the General Trade (GT) channel to the Modern Trade (MT) channel, sell-out from the Distributors, agents, stores, .. or off-take from supermarkets, shops… to the end users. In addition, over 12 years of providing solutions for large corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, Kao, P & G, etc. HQsoft provides the DMS solution with specialized modules for each user, supports Enterprises to control and manage issues about the distribution and sales.

2. Challenges of Enterprises in Distribution Management Without DMS Solution.

  • It’s impossible to know market changes, competitors and fierce competition of the industry.
  • With the traditional management method, Enterprises do not have the full information of Customers, cannot take a good care of the actual product consumers.
  • It’s impossible to have information about campaigns launched on the market such as promotion, coverage of the products, resulting in the limitations in the brand’s distribution and coverage.
  • It’s impossible to statisticize information on the consumption of products after the distribution to agents, resulting in restrictions in predicting production strategies, supply chains.
  • It’s time-consuming for personnel to statisticize reports, data, causing the delay in making business decisions.
  • It’s impossible to control the work quality of sales staff and monitor their actual working time.
  • There are quite a lot of problems about data management, markets, sales, promotion… that can’t be fulfilled by manual methods.

3. How does DMS Solution help Enterprises to increase their profits?

a. Support to seek for potential customers (Leads)

First, when applying the DMS solution into business, Enterprises will increase the number of potential customers based on coverage analysis applications, create, adjust and analyze sales routes visually based on digital maps.   Helping Enterprises have accurate and objective strategies and optimize the sales routes.

b. Increase conversion rates

When finding potential customers, the solution will help the company increase the Customer conversion rate by controlling promotion programs, collect all information of Customers, control sales programs, increase sales quotas and convert orders quickly through the automated ordering system. The system will automate the order processes, supply goods from the company to the Distributors, eliminate manual methods, save time for business, minimize the risks of data errors.

c. Increase transactions / orders for Enterprises

The applications integrated in the system will help Enterprises increase the number of orders by automatically reminding Customer employees of places for daily visits, set sales quotas for sales staffs, motivate sales staffs to increases their productivity, optimize sales programs of employees.

d. Increase the value of transactions/orders

DMS solution (eSales Cloud DMS) enables Enterprises to set up different sales quotas. For example, targets of key items, sales quotas for each distributor, PC (Productive call) that help Enterprises  increase the value of orders in each visit.

e. Maximize the profits for Enterprises

The most important benefits of DMS solution is to support Enterprises to closely control costs incurred, limit personnel costs, effectively control promotion programs, POSM, acquire the set of real-time data to help managers make quick and accurate decisions. Optimize business operations of Enterprises.


Apply the technology to improve the competitiveness of Enterprises and strengthen human resources of the company. Understand the current development trend, our DMS solution is based on the most advanced technology, and provides all of the features which the managers need. However, to make the solution effectively, the operation and management of the enterprise owners are necessary. Become a wise manager when selecting the right features for Enterprises’ operation process to optimize business processes and maximize the profits.

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