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COMPANY TRIP 2024: Journey of Bonding and Conquering New Successes 

From May 17th to 19th, HQSOFT successfully organized its Company Trip, which also celebrated the company’s 18th anniversary, in the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang. 

The trip to Nha Trang brought a wealth of emotions and significance to each member. This annual event is always eagerly anticipated, offering HQSOFT members a chance to relax, have fun, and recharge after a period of hard work. 

In 2024, the Company Trip focused more on employee experiences than in previous years. Activities included various recreational events at VinWonders, diving to admire coral reefs, and water sports at islands such as Hon Mun, Bai Tranh, and Con Se Tre. These activities aimed to strengthen professional relationships and foster camaraderie among team members. 

Gala Dinner – A Memorable Celebration of the Company’s 18th Anniversary 

On the evening of May 18th, the Gala Dinner commemorating HQSOFT’s 18th anniversary took place with the theme “Sailing to New Successes: 18 Years and Beyond!”. With hundreds of HQSOFT employees in attendance, the event created many memorable moments for all. 

During the celebration, the HQSOFT team raised their glasses together, joyfully marking this special occasion. Departments offered meaningful wishes and birthday songs, and the atmosphere was enlivened with fun games. 

The Board of Directors expressed their gratitude and honored employees who have been with the company for ten years, acknowledging their dedication and contributions to HQSOFT’s success and growth. 

The celebration of HQSOFT’s 18th anniversary concluded with a night full of impressive and indescribable emotions. The Nha Trang trip helped members bond, recharge, and prepare for new journeys and successes. 

We sincerely thank the Board of Directors for creating such a meaningful trip. Thanks also to all members who participated and contributed to making this journey memorable and emotional. As we conclude the Company Trip 2024, we wish all HQSOFT members increased passion, creativity, innovation, and unity to achieve new milestones in the future. 

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