On May 17, 2023, HQSOFT celebrates the 17th anniversary of the company’s establishment. From the first office at a small Internet shop on No Trang Long Street, Binh Thanh District. And now, HQSOFT has become one of the leading companies providing Distributor management solutions in the Vietnam market with more than 100 employees.

17 years – A journey with countless changes, thorns, and challenges, HQSOFT continues to strive and break through, ready to reach out to the big sea to reaffirm its position as Vietnam’s leading brand providing distribution and retail Ecosystem in Vietnam.

The 17-year journey of breakthrough and enthusiasm

On a proud journey, HQSOFT has been constantly innovating, upgrading, creating, and delivering outstanding customer service while enabling career progression for all employees. HQSOFT has a strong willingness to use technology to solve business problems, assist businesses to succeed, and contribute to advancing Vietnam’s place on the global technology map.

Over the 17-year journey, HQSOFT has always steadfastly maintained the core values and quintessence of the corporate identity. This is an inspiring journey of HQSOFT with a passion to provide the best technology solutions to bring more value to enterprises. Here is the ecosystem that HQSOFT is providing:

  1. eSales DMS Solution – Distribution System Management Solution
    • eSales SFA
    • eSales Manager
    • eSales PG
    • eSales Delivery
    • eSales Smart Visibility
  2. nRetail Platform – New retail platform
  3. 1CX Platform- Platform to Increase Customer Experience
  4. Data Warehouse & BI Solution – Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence System

Currently, HQSOFT’s products are present in more than 10 countries with more than 20 strategic partners in Asian countries. Based on the strength of the core customer system, which are multinational corporations as well as some typical customers such as TAISHO, Ajinomoto, Johnson & Johnson, Vedan, Zoetis, Jotun, Kem Nghia, Total, Nutifood, Perfetti Van Melle,… HQSOFT has gradually consolidated and developed its network of partners steadily to better approach and serve domestic and foreign customers. In addition, HQSOFT is also proud that in the past time, it has also received many positive reviews from customers and partners to introduce and share solutions to many domestic and foreign businesses.

During the past 17 years, the company has witnessed and experienced many ups and downs in the information technology and software engineering industries. The future development route is associated with turning points in world technology, opening a new stage. With technological capacity and quality human resources, HQSOFT is ready to step into the promising future ahead with a steady and confident mind.

Under the close attention and direction of the company’s leadership; the trust of partners and customers; and especially the continued dedication of all employees have contributed significantly to building a strong business as it is today. During that journey, the HQSOFT team has overcome many difficulties and challenges together; how many projects have been completed; how many systems have been deployed, it is the sweat of the collective that has been striving for a common goal, a dream together called HQSOFT GO GLOBAL.

Each subsequent generation of HQSOFT understands and cherishes the tradition of the previous generations, imbued with the motto of action as well as corporate cultural values; maintains faith, solidarity, and professional capacity, and constantly strives to overcome all challenges to keep the company growing.

A Journey of Breaking Our Limits

The road ahead will be fraught with obstacles and challenges, but there will undoubtedly be several possibilities for enterprises to grow and progress steadily. HQSOFT provides various solutions to build a comprehensive distribution and retail ecosystem. At the same time, the firm encourages the development of high-quality young human resources who are prepared to face problems and challenges in order to alter the future.

Just 17 years of establishment, HQSOFT has been honored to receive good wishes from agencies, organizations, businesses, partners, and customers. Also on this occasion, on behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to express our deep gratitude to all the collectives and individuals who have supported, cooperated, and accompanied HQSOFT for the past 17 years, and expressed their hope to receive trust and support in the future.

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