In January 2022, HQSOFT and SABECO (Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Cooperation) held a signing ceremony to implement the project: eSales Solution for PA/PG (Promoter Agent / Promotion Girl) Management.

The signing ceremony was held online but no less formal, with the participation of the PA Project Steering Committee and members of the project team.

HQSOFT – Distribution and Retail Solution Expert is a company operating in the field providing distribution and retail system management solutions. With more than 15 years of experience in consulting and implementing DMS solutions, based on international standards, HQSOFT has provided solutions to more than 500 customers and over 70,000 users of multinational corporations and large enterprises such as TAISHO, Ajinomoto, Johnson & Johnson, Vedan, Zoetis, Mega market, Jotun, Nghia Nippers Corporation, Nutifood, Perfetti Van Melle,…

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Vietnamese consumers are familiar with the brand: Saigon Beer (or Bia Saigon) of Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Corporation (Sabeco). In 2020, Saigon Beer has been over 145-year original history, 40-year of brand building and development. Since the 145 milestones, the yellow beer bubbles flow has continuously kept up the future way, always making Vietnamese proud of their products.    

The unique taste of Saigon Beer is the inspiring taste combined with the spirit of Saigonese’s generosity and the richness of the Southern land, making it an indispensable part of everyday life. With 2 bottles of 610 ml Larue bottle and 330 ml bottle of beer in the first takeover period. Until now, Saigon beer has developed 8 types of products such as Saigon Lager 450 bottle, Saigon Export Beer bottle, Saigon Special bottle, Saigon Lager 355 bottle, 333 Premium, 333 beer can, Saigon Special can, Saigon Lager can.

Saigon Beer brand is familiar to Vietnamese consumers

PA/PG (Promoter Agent / Promotion Girl) is not only a representative of a Brand or a Product line but also the image of the Group’s brand, that’s why this team is very focused by the Board of Directors.

Currently, Sabeco owns more than 3.000 PAs nationwide, but communication is still difficult, and all the processes are managed manually. Besides, Safeco has always faced difficulties in dealing with information security issues. Therefore, the application of eSales solution in PA/PG management will not only help Sabeco solve management difficulties and meet the requirements of the BOD but also bring practical benefits such as:

  • Real-time performance tracking and management.
  • Digitalize the process from planning to execution.
  • Centralize data (Single Source of Truth) for further data analytic.

With the objective of helping Sabeco solve current problems, manage, and evaluate the performance of the PA/PG team, thereby improving business effectiveness, HQSOFT commits that the project will be implemented on schedule, professionally, and successfully.

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