Eighteen years – a journey long enough for HQSOFT to establish, grow, and assert its position in the field of distribution and retail solutions. Over the past two decades, HQSOFT has consistently risen in the realm of Information Technology and has achieved numerous admirable milestones.

Ever since its early days of establishment, despite facing adversities in infrastructure and human resources, HQSOFT has been single-minded with its own goals. Fueled by a burning desire for technology and hoping to offer breakthroughs in software solutions, HQSOFT has introduced specialized solutions in distribution and retail. These tools have empowered enterprises to operate seamlessly across distribution channels, market expansion, and revenue growth.

Upon the success of the eSales DMS Solution—a distributor management solution, not only has HQSOFT been focusing further on researching and building other platforms, namely nRetail – A contemporary retail platform, Data Warehouse & BI, 1CX – A platform for enhancing customer experience…; but also materializing an ecosystem of comprehensive distribution and retail, thereby becoming a dependable partner of innumerable corporations, both domestic and international.

With customer-centricity at its core, HQSOFT commits to delivering products with exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service, contributing to the unwavering trust and satisfaction of partners and clients for HQSOFT.

In the long journey across vast seas, HQSOFT has conquered massive waves with a spirit of progression, responsibility, and a mindset for constant innovation. These core values have solidified HQSOFT’s position as a leading expert in the distribution and retail industry, with impressive figures:

  • More than 500 clients are provided with bespoke industrial solutions
  • 70,000 users across multiple platforms
  • 50 strategic collaborative partnerships with South East Asian and Asian countries

HQSOFT has also gained recognition through countless prestigious awards in the technology field:

  • Vietnam’s Top Cloud Service Providers
  • Vietnam’s Top Software Providers for Foreign Customers
  • Gold Medal & Top 5 ICT Vietnam
  • Ho Chi Minh City Information Technology and Communication Award

Regarding its staff crew, HQSOFT has expanded to hundreds of employees with exceptional expertise and a striving for creativity. Offices are being located in key metropolises, namely Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, and Ha Noi. In addition, HQSOFT is also a strategic partner, collaborating with technology giants in the South East Asia margin.

Turning 18, HQSOFT will be setting more ambitious resolutions, especially elevating values in the supply chain solutions services for its customers. The focus remains on augmenting every customer experience and the company promises to offer more extraordinary innovations in the future.

Congratulations on HQSOFT’s 18th birthday. We sincerely wish for the company’s continued prosperity and global reach and the HQSOFT brand will undoubtedly remain a steadfast companion for numerous businesses on their digital transformation journey.

On this special occasion, on behalf of the Board of Directors, we express deep gratitude to all individuals and teams who have supported, collaborated, and stood alongside HQSOFT throughout these 18 years. May HQSOFT’s ship continue to conquer new waves, achieve ongoing success, and reach even greater heights.

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