Vedan Group was established in 1954 in Taiwan and is the pioneer in the amino acid market. Vedan set foot in Vietnam in 1991, after many years of development, Vedan Vietnam is now one of the leading advanced manufacturers in Asia in the field of biotechnology, and fermentation technology to produce amino acid products, food flavor enhancers, and starch products.

In the process of expanding the scale of investment and business development, Vedan Vietnam has also built a series of agent systems and distribution channels throughout the country.

Therefore, the implementation of DMS is one of the key points for Vedan to innovate as well as solve difficulties in the distribution system. Vedan has searched and considered many distribution system management solutions. Seeing the suitability of HQSOFT’s eSales DMS, in 2012, Vedan and HQSOFT signed a contract to deploy eSales DMS Solutions for more than 1000 employees; and continue to develop and add features for the software in the next phases.

Challenges of Vedan Vietnam before DMS software has not been applied yet

  • Difficulty in managing salesmen
    • Unable to sync data from points of sale in different regions
    • Unable to update information in real-time
    • Difficult to track the activities of salesmen, thereby reducing efficiency in management
    • Inconsistent customer-care process
  • Difficulty in managing promotions
    • Managers have difficulty in collecting results as well as face many challenges in implementing programs in many different regions.
  • No data synchronized
    • Data is not synchronized among employees in different regions. Since then, managers spend a lot of time and effort synthesizing information and processing data.

Solutions HQSOFT offered

  • Deploy eSales DMS Solution for more than 1000 employees
  • Change the manual operation with a modern process suitable for the company’s business.
  • Provide management features to manage orders, points of sale, sales process, and customer care.
  • Use the order management feature to easily track all orders, and the sales team, thereby easily optimizing business strategy.
  • Every year, the eSales software is upgraded, making Vedan’s DMS solution always updated. In addition, the feature is flexible to adapt quickly to the change of Vedan’s operating model in order to achieve high efficiency. In the past, although Vedan Vietnam has had many changes in the model, HQSOFT’s eSales Cloud DMS solution still perfectly meets the requirements.

Achieved Results 

  • Use the feature of statistical reports to consolidate information and export reports based on sales figures. Then, salesmen will be able to plan to optimize sales activities.
  • Support to understand market fluctuations: The software helps the management team to grasp the data which is provided by the salespersons most quickly without waiting until the end of the period.
  • Through MCP, understand the activities of sales staff, optimize sales performance and optimize their sales routes, and minimize overlapping routes.
  • Professionalize the customer visit process: visit, automatic check-in, update store information, proceed orders, especially receive customer feedback in the most objective way.
  • Limit “cooking data” 
  • HQSOFT’s outstanding feature in systematizing and “claiming” the results of each promotion, as well as diversifying types of promotions, compared with other competitors.

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