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What Benefits Does Cloud Computing Technology Bring?

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence have been the latest development trend of modern information technology systems, this is the technology that will lead the way for the effective exploitation of business operations. 

According to experts, if the enterprise wishes to expand and develop its business scale without updating its information technology system, the possibility that the market will be eliminated is quite high. So how will the application of cloud computing bring benefits?

First, shall we learn about the concept of cloud computing?

Instead of previously, Enterprises had to pay a fee for storing data on the server, but this storage will be limited in terms of data storage when the Enterprise expands the market, in addition, the Enterprise also costs money. in the maintenance, and human resources coordination. Realizing the difficulties in storage, cloud computing was born as a virtual server system and is not limited in terms of infrastructure. Users can access the software anywhere, they are connected on the cloud system as long as they have the Internet to access the software.

Currently, according to the announcement of the VMware Cloud Index in Vietnam, up to 83% of enterprises consider cloud computing a top priority for their businesses and 67% of enterprises think that cloud computing greatly influences the business transformation in their company.

Vietnam ranks 14th in the ranking of “Cloud Readiness Index in the Asia-Pacific region”, the increase in cloud computing spending in Vietnam is 64.4%, the highest in ASEAN. These figures tell us about the continued growth of cloud computing in the domestic market.

So what are the benefits that cloud computing technology brings to businesses?

Access anytime, anywhere

Software with Cloud computing technology, everyone in the company can access the working system at any time and at any time. With this technology system, you do not need to access the computer system and still keep track of updated data.

Optimize operating costs

Enterprises often spend a lot of money to install servers, and machine systems, and hire staff to operate the system, these costs will be eliminated when Enterprises apply to cloud computing software

High security

The most outstanding feature of the software compared to the old system is the safe and effective security. Storing data on a computer or server, without an effective security plan, will easily lead to a risky situation, due to data theft or the company’s firewall system is not safe.

With Cloud computing technology, all information will be encrypted and synchronized on the system. Recovering or updating data does not have to take much time, especially even if the computer equipment is degraded or damaged, it is still easy to update the information.

Solve effectively the market expansion problem of Enterprises

Scaling up investment will be difficult when the Enterprise’s IT system is limited, but Cloud Computing, it allows Enterprises to store huge amounts of data. According to statistics, cloud computing technology can update capacity up to 70% faster than conventional systems.

Improve employee performance

Data exclusivity will no longer appear in this software, it allows all users to store on the same system. Users can share documents and applications directly with partners and colleagues without asking for permission as before.

As a result, the work will be solved faster and more efficiently, thereby significantly improving work efficiency.

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