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DMS Solution Foundation for Business Success 

For corporations, the distribution of products to the market is significant, and managing a system on a national or multinational scale is very complex. Today, applying technologies and solutions will help enterprises reduce the management burden and improve efficiency in distribution management.

1. Overview of Sales DMS Solution of HQSOFT

eSales DMS solution is HQSOFT’s distribution management solution implemented and developed since 2006. The solution is automated to support enterprises in closely controlling and more effectively analyzing fundamental elements of the distribution process, such as inventory, promotion, sales, display, coverage, POSM, compliance of the sales team, etc. 

With over 15 years of experience in consulting and providing distribution and sales management solutions, we are proud to offer enterprises and managers the best advice and solutions for managing their distribution systems. 

2. What is the eSales DMS solution offers to Enterprises?

  • Optimize business operations: The entire distribution process in Sales Solution is automated to help Enterprises optimize every activity in their sales and distribution processes. Enterprises take the initiative in optimizing inventory control of the flow of goods across their distribution chains. The sales team’s performance is also monitored and promoted to maximize efficiency through specific KPIs with accurate and efficient measurement methods and tools.
  • Maximize profits for Enterprises: Enterprise helps save time and personnel resources for operation but delivers higher performance with automated and optimized processes. Off-site activities such as POSM, promotion, coverage, etc., are strictly controlled to minimize negative issues in the system and avoid budget losses. 
  • Accurate measurement: Sales targets are designed and distributed efficiently; evaluate sales staff performance; measure and control the effectiveness of promotion programs; support business strategies, and help the managers have effective business strategies. 
  • Active and market-based: Based on the features designed closely in the eSales DMS system, Enterprise is fully engaged when personnel changes; business strategy is easily altered to take full advantage of its supply chain. 
  • Increase brand value: eSales DMS Solution will also provide the features and processes for the strict management of display programs, which helps increase brand identity and promote a professional product presence at each point of sales. Effective implementation of display programs at POSs is also one of the factors that help businesses increase their brand value. 
  • Flexible licensing: eSales DMS Solution is designed with standard features and procedures at reasonable investment costs to assist enterprises in accessing the most up-to-date and advanced distribution management solution. With the eSales DMS solution, you can choose to have your on-premise or monthly subscription paid by the actual number of users. Enterprises also don’t need to pay attention to the investment cost and maintain the infrastructure if they select a subscription model. 

3. Why Enterprises should apply the eSales DMS solution to manage their distribution system

For traditional management, enterprises face many difficulties, such as processing and summarizing data. The administrator typically has to wait until the end of the month or completion of the audit to collect data from the accounting department. The staff working in the market must face many difficulties in delivering information. The manager lacks the tools for measuring the market and evaluating employee performance; inventory levels are usually different from actual figures. 

The application of information technology to management systems will support enterprises:

  • Measure the market to obtain correct and accurate data 
  • Market participants can work effectively instead of storing information in records and books. 
  • The reporting system is integrated on mobile devices, helping managers to have an objective view of the market and business processes. 
  • Create an effective working environment between the managers and employees, information is updated to staff promptly and quickly, and the administrator has made the correct decision. 
  • Automated Ordering, Ordering Process Automation, Automated Inventory Control and Allocation, Debt Restrictions, Limits, Quantities, etc., provide timely warnings to reviewers.

4. Customers that have been using the eSales DMS solution

With unique features providing specialized distribution system management solutions for each category, our customers come from many different sectors and industries such as: 

  • FMCG Sector: Kido, Tuong An, Nutifood, VPmilk, Perfetti Van Melle, Richy Nissin, Anova Milk, etc.
  • Healthcare – Pharmaceutical Sector: Abbott, Eco, Ampharco USA, etc.
  • Cosmetic – Personal Care Sector: Kao, Johnson&Johnson, P&G, etc.
  • Agriculture – Fishery Sector: Siam Brothers, Cau Dat Farm, Dutch Fertilizer, Hop Tri, etc.
  • Financial Sector: Home Credit, Mirae Asset, VinaCapital, etc.
  • In addition, HQsoft provides solutions for other industries such as Oils, Powder, Paint, Electric Appliances, Water, etc.

eSales DMS Solution with specialized modules for each user will help companies control and manage many distribution and sales management problems.

Please refer to our solution for more details at [HERE] or [+84-28-7300-6878] (Vietnam)

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