HQSOFT came into being in 2006. After over 14 years of formation and development from Han Quang Software Solution Co., Ltd. to HQSOFT Co., Ltd.; the company has made unceasing progress in providing IT and business management solutions to enterprises of different industries and sizes.
With years of experience in offering IT and business management solutions and the vision of bringing pleasure and satisfaction to every customer, HQsoft has been sparing no effort to create the products that help bring about performance optimization and profit maximization to its business customers. In addition, HQsoft always takes advantage of leading technology platforms and its computing engineers of high quality and creativity to create the best possible services and solutions to satisfy all of its customers’ needs.


The difference of HQSOFT lies in its strength. HQSOFT has been known for abundant experience in providing IT and business management solutions. What we offer is not only a software system but also complete and comprehensive solutions highly customized for different industries. It’s the Corporate Culture that brings about sustainable development for HQsoft. Owing to it, every member of HQsoft team is aware of their shared objective of trying their best to serve customers and together strives for it by creating the best products and services.


HQSOFT’s Corp Vision is always striving to become an operational excellent team for the abundance and happiness of HQSOFT clients, partners and our people.


HQSOFT’s Corp Mission is to transform and reorganize the distribution system into a comprehensive sales ecosystem to reach consumers quickly and effectively




Serve every customer with dedication and high sense of responsibility.
Always strive for the better and listen to the opinions of every customer.
Always share experience and give consulting advice on the best possible solutions.
Always work towards improving the level of customer satisfaction.
Always keep customers’ information confidential.




Create a civilized, friendly, dynamic, and creative working environment.
Ensure equal treatment of every employee.
Implement training strategies and provide employees with opportunities for career advancement.
Build code of conduct in the company.
Apply preferential policies to attract talented people.




Contribute a part to the development of the IT industry in Vietnam and the world, create useful solutions to bring joy and convenience to everyone.
Give college and university students better career orientation.
Regularly host internship programs to provide students with hands-on experience and practical knowledge.
Regularly take part in social activities and help people in need.

trách nhiệm trách nhiệm





I always give prominence to being honest and follow exactly any agreements that I have confirmed. Say no to cheating is one of my rules of work. In some unfortunate cases that commitment cannot be made, I immediately give partners formal notification with solution selections attached.



I take overall control of current activities to bear the full responsibility for work results and my personal life actively and effectively. I always ready to change as a pioneer if the change is good for all.



I strictly undertake my duties to achieve the highest results according to the target. I promise to stick to the vision, missions and 12 cultural values of HQSOFT in all activities related to HQSOFT products and services that have been provided to customers.



Face-to-face communication is my priority solution in any cases. I am always sincere, positive in communication with the team, customers and partners. I choose to discuss issues with the group and welcome feedbacks and shares from others. For the best solution, I equally evaluate the opinions of all team before making a decision. Working style is no less important than performances, therefore I myself feel the need of being tidy, orderly, clean, punctual.



I absolutely believe in my personal decisions and the steps to reach my further targets as well. I am confident in the vision and missions of HQSOFT and its short-term and long-term goals as well. Pessimism and the lack of confidence never appear in my work life. The difficulties are also the goals and challenges that I have to overcome. I know how to balance my life to enjoy the joy of work and create a happy and open space with colleagues.



I guarantee to follow the work process and regulations. I prioritize the systemization and automation for all tasks as much as possible. Improvements in system and processes are my expectations

chat luong


Customer service quality is our top priority in all products and services we provide to our customers.

doi moi sang tao


We are always ready to renovate and renew ourselves to improve processes, in order to provide more qualified products, services as well. We do not compromise with the outcomes that have not been met our expectations, and not satisfied with the present results. Our ambition is to create products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers.

thai do


We focus on the dedication and thoughtfulness in customer care. We always welcome the opinions of our customers to upgrade the quality of our services and products better and better.

doi ngu


We accept changes and do whatever it takes to team up and interact effectively. We create a work environment that encourages sharing and caring. We do not speak or listen to derisive and disparaging criticisms. Suggestions are always welcomed with open and progressive thinking. We all have the same goals and the same voice in any decision. Any contribution of the members will always be grateful; and we have our own ways to express our gratitude.

dao tao hoc hoi


I have the professional capacity to serve customers to meet the goals that HQSOFT is pursuing. I am well aware of the progression of my career and always striven to get the highest results. My permanent goal is to learn and improve myself in working and my life in general.

cong bang


The performance and the actual results I have contributed are always recorded and appreciated. I also give my best regards to the contributions and efforts of my colleagues.


With endless effort and proper strategies, HQSOFT has risen up from a small unit. It has affirmed its solid position in the market and earned the trust of a great deal of customers. HQSOFT is proud of bringing true happiness to enterprises.



“TOP Vietnam Cloud Service Provider 2018”

This award recognizes the growth, quality of solutions, efficient and reliable services of the enterprise which provides Cloud Computing Service and Value-added service on the cloud. At the ICT Awards in 2018, HQSOFT also receives the honorable trophy, the No.1 Enterprise for Cloud Service in Vietnam. The biggest difference of this year's awards is the sales breakthrough compared to other competitors in the same field.

Our other awards


“Top Softwares for Foreign Customers in Vietnam 2018”

This award confirms the quality of service that HQsoft provides, the company's outstanding development. In addition, with the international development strategy HQsoft desires to affirm the position of the company in Vietnam market to be a leading provider of IT solutions for foreign enterprises and groups that are currently working in Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia.


“Gold Medal & Top 5 Vietnam ICT”

This is one of the most prestigious national IT awards from 1998. In 2016, HQsoft Co. Ltd is proud to be TOP 5 & GOLD MEDAL VIETNAM ICT, this is the recognition for the steps of technological changes and pioneering in software market. HQsoft Co. Ltd continues to affirm its position as a global software system provider recognized by legal authorities.


HQSOFT with Universities

Every year, HQsoft always accompanies with universities and colleges in exchange programs with other enterprises in order to help students to get a clear career orientation. In addition, HQsoft regularly organizes internship courses to support students with more practical experience. HUTECH's certification awarded to HQsoft is a thank you to HQsoft's social and community support activities.


“Ho Chi Minh City Information Technology”

HQSOFT Co. Ltd is honored to receive the HCMC Information Technology Award for Sales Solutions Software on Tables. The prize has brought the pride to entire staff of HQSOFT Co. Ltd, a recognization of the collective labor achievements of the whole company, also bring HQSOFT to a new level, affirm its development potential and strong competitiveness in IT market.