eSales PG - Optimizing marketing activities

eSales PG is a solution that helps enterprises manage the PG team, making it easy to connect and operate the PG team’s operation process. PG management software will help enterprises optimize time management and increase employee performance. At the same time, enterprises will continuously update market fluctuations, and explore promotions and competitor activities.

In particular, enterprises can easily control the number of promotional gifts delivered to consumers. This helps businesses analyze the program’s effectiveness to optimize and propose a plan that aligns with the current market situation.

In addition, when using eSales PG, enterprises can easily update customers’ opinions/feedback on product quality and PG’s attitude. This allows enterprises to make necessary adjustments to ensure customer satisfaction

DIFFERENCE: Providing a full-service PG solution by Technology


Provide direct Marketing resource

HQSOFT understands the needs of businesses and brands. We confidently specialize in providing a professional PG team suitable for many brands and across different market segments.

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Provide technology-based PG management solutions

The software helps businesses save management costs and improve the working efficiency of the PG team in the market



Working Shift and employee compliance

Enterprises can monitor the location and coordinates of employees via GPS, while effectively managing the working hours of their PG teams.


Efficient route planning

Based on the selling locations, the feature of route guidance helps employees save time in traveling and navigate their sales routes more efficiently.


Update sales situation

With actual data, enterprises can easily track sales performance in all areas. This enables them to make appropriate adjustments to their promotional programs.


Record market information, and competitors

It is essential for enterprises to stay informed about the market situation and monitor their competitors. This information helps in developing suitable business strategies.


Display management at the point of sale

Through the software, PG takes care of the display of goods in accordance with regulations. The software also supports capturing and sending photos of product displays to enterprises.


Automated reporting

Reporting and analysis based on the available data in the system provide enterprises with an overview of sales activities and the marketing effectiveness of their PG teams. Additionally, reports make it easier to identify the activities of competing players in the market.




  • Easily track personal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • Keep track of your work schedule
  • Save time for reporting, inventory, and survey
  • Optimize individual work tasks
  • Be convenient in requesting leaves or reporting tardiness through simple actions on the software.


  • Easily track personal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • Adjust the working schedule of the PG team quickly in response to changes.
  • Convenience in recording the actual situation of the market
  • Manage the PG team’s leave requests and uniforms easily
  • Adjust the market development plan and employee training based on real market data


  • Manage working information, KPIs, of the entire PG team in all regions
  • The reporting system is built according to a standard template
  • Manage Inventory of sales and stock levels at selling points.
  • Extract data all the time through the system. In addition, the Board of Directors relies on Dashboard reports to analyze data and propose appropriate plans to optimize business strategies



  • Keep track of your personal schedule
  • Monitor individual KPIs by day, month, year
  • Timesheet logging, leave requests, and tardiness.
  • Analyze performance reports
  • Manage uniforms
  • Work support tools: Expiry date checking, Equipment photo capture, Display photo capture, Production reporting, Market share reporting, Competitor reporting, Surveys, and Feedback recording.


  • Management of employee work schedules and adjustments.
  • Tracking PG KPIs on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • Uniform management.
  • Distribution of uniforms to employees.
  • Work support tools: Market reporting, Market share reporting, Surveys, and Customer feedback recording.
  • Tracking personal and employee leave days. Approval of leave for PGs.
  • Analysis and reporting of performance results.


  • Manage work schedule and PG team based on GPS location
  • Manage promotions and showcases
  • Monitor the KPI of the PG team
  • Check actual sales quantity and inventory
  • Manage inventory of uniforms of the PG  team
  • View the performance report of the PG team


eSales PG – Optimizing marketing effectiveness

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