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We create values by providing every business worldwide with comprehensive and industry-specific solutions that bring about lots of practical benefits. One of the important factors for our company’s growth as it is today is the enthusiastic support of and productive cooperation with our partners in the countries in the region and other parts of the world that have enabled us to win client satisfaction.
The success stories of our clients - the large corporations in Vietnam and the Region - raise our confidence in our solutions. We believe that our solutions can satisfy the needs of any enterprise in any industry and have access to potential clients in any area.
Cooperation is our most priority to develop and the key to success, we have expanded our business through establishing partnerships with partners around the world. That’s also our way to deliver to our client high-quality solutions and timely support. Let’s partner with HQSOFT give our clients the best. We are committed to ensuring long-lasting and successful cooperation.


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INFOCYCLE SOLUTIONS, INC. (ISI) is a Partner of HQSOFT in implementing and supporting our DMS (distribution management solution) for enterprises in the Philippines. Infocycle Solutions specializes in providing IT solutions, specifically distribution management solutions, supporting the deployment of distribution management solutions, and providing accounting software to enterprises. With years of experience in the industry and huge potential for development, Infocycle Solutions is at present known as one of the thriving companies in the Philippines.

Sysable logo

SYSABLE is a Partner of HQSOFT in Bangladesh – specializing in providing all-in-one IT and Business solutions. Sysable enables organizations to adopt digital processes and customer engagement models to achieve outstanding results and end-user experience. They help clients achieve this through enterprise-wide digital transformation, modernization, and optimization of their IT environment. Their extraordinary team’s experience, deep domain knowledge, and technology expertise deliver transformational solutions to ISVs, enterprises, and SMBs. 


DWP GROUP is a partner of HQSOFT from PakistanDWP Group is a leading provider of products, services, and solutions in the field of Consumer Electronics & Technology. Globally acclaimed, highly reliable products with cutting-edge technology from the world’s best-engineered companies and experts uniquely position them to deliver comprehensive solutions to customers. 

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Dataroot Asia Co., Ltd. is a software development company and HQSOFT’s Partner from Thailand. They offer custom software development, ERP implementation, customization, and various IT consulting services. Their solutions can be deployed to either Cloud or an on-premise server. As of today, their company has clients from industries like banking, insurance, health care, wholesale, retail, import-export, and manufacturing. 

Gennovas Logo

Gennovas Systems Co., Ltd. (Gennovas) delivers solutions and services that really create value for clients across their organization. They always dedicate themselves to consistently being true partners for clients over the long term. They are HQSOFT’s Partner from Thailand. 


What’s NEXT for your organization should be done outright. Mobius NEXT is an IT service provider residing in Mandaluyong, Philippines that can help you in regards to Cloud Computing, Training, Procurement, Digital Transformation, and Consultancy services. Mobius NEXT is an authorized partner of HQSOFT in the Philippines

7Rivers Logo

Founded in 2002, Seven Rivers, Inc. has an experienced team of software consultants with extensive knowledge in best business practices able to evaluate your business and current use of software and make recommendations for improvements. They are a Partner of HQSOFT in the Philippines. 


E-Soft Business Solution is a leading provider of integrated software for businesses in Malaysia. Their range of business solutions includes ERP System, Hotel Management System, F&B POS System, Human Resource Management System, Time Management System, Payroll System, Accounting System, etc. They are an authorized Partner of HQSOFT.

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Cyber King was founded in 2006, by training ICT with the aim of developing human resources for the ICT sector and has trained around 300 students each year. Based on these resources, they founded a software house in October 2016 at Mayangone  Township, Yangon Division, Republic of Union of Myanmar. They are a Partner of HQSOFT.

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Established in 2000 as a software developer, Guavasoft is a partner of HQSOFT from Malaysia. They have experts in every skill set needed to implement manufacturing ERP systems and the combination of complementary technologies, skills, and industry knowledge that enables the organization to support and add value to customers’ operations. Most of their team members have more than 10 years of experience with ERP systems 

Nisu logo

Nisu Company Limited is a technology company that provides the best & convenient products and services to its customers. Their aim is to continually improve your service to meet its customers’ requirements and to provide high-quality products and services that they can be proud of. They are an authorized Partner of HQSOFT in Myanmar. 


Infinixo Technology is a partner of HQSOFT from Dubai – UAE. They were incorporated with the idea of providing Business Management Solutions (ERP) to Small and Medium Enterprises in order to provide integrated business processes to achieve Operational Efficiency. Infinixo’s team has many experienced professionals who can help businesses in the areas of Manufacturing, Trading, Distribution, Services, etc not only in Dubai – UAE but also across GCC countries, Europe, USA, and Canada region. 

HQsoft Is A Strategic Partner Of Prestigious Enterprises

To meet the needs of our customers, provide them with high-quality products, and raise our prestige in the market, we have acted as a partner of some reputable companies in the world. With highly qualified staff, perfect customer services, prestige, years of experience, HQsoft is proud of bringing many practical benefits to enterprises.


Samsung is a familiar name to consumers around the world. Millions of its products have been used and trusted by consumers worldwide each year. HQSOFT is Samsung’s partner in providing enterprises with modern and ease-of-use equipment that make business operation and management easier and more efficient than ever. As a special partner of Samsung, HQsoft enjoys the advantage of interfering deeply into electronic device design. It means that the enterprises that employ Samsung’s devices running HQsoft software will have their data secured and enjoy lots of other benefits.


Microsoft is a leading global vendor of computer software; hardware for computer, mobile and gaming systems; and cloud services. Microsoft’s corporate headquarters is located in Redmond, Wash., and it has offices in more than 60 countries.

HQsoft’s honor to become a strategic partner of Microsoft  to be bringing many practical benefits to Enterprises.