Trang chủ Tin Tức 5 Criteria For Selection Of The Best Distribution System Management Software

5 Criteria For Selection Of The Best Distribution System Management Software

Distribution system management software will help Enterprises resolve the problems of control and measurement, including sell-in and sell-out workflows from companies to distributors, agents, stores, supermarkets, and final consumers. It supports Enterprises improve and optimize their distribution and sales systems and monitor all of their business operations quickly and easily. It offers high performance and profit to enterprises. Our distribution system management solution (eSales Cloud DMS) meets all of the requirements of the existing era of technology 4.0.

However, implementing the solution effectively and with quality, requires Enterprisers to answer the following question: “How to select a quality solution provider?” Please refer to our article for your answer.

5 Criteria For Selection Of The Best Distribution System Management Software:

1. Providers’ qualifications:

It is a major omission to implement the distribution system management software (DMS) solution without investigating the provider’s qualifications. Criteria for evaluating providers are typically based on their Customers, incorporation date, how they implement their projects, technical qualifications, and how they manage their staff. With obtained results, you will be able to evaluate the provider’s strengths and compare them with other companies in the same industry to review their operating procedures and software vendors.

2. Is the provider’s solution consistent with the company’s process?

Each company or industry will have its processes of production, business, management, etc. Different workflows will create different operating procedures. Therefore, solution providers must consult and adapt their solutions depending on the characteristics of each Enterprise.

In addition, the solution must be integrated with other systems such as SAP, MS AX, and MS NAV… to be able to provide the best support to the enterprise management process.

3. Enterprise Support Policies:

Policies that can be provided to Enterprises are security policy, consultancy and implementation policy, and post-project support policy.

  • Information and Customer Data Privacy Policy is one of the factors that businesses need to consider in selecting their providers.
  • Support policies for project implementation: It takes time for the project to be implemented, and the technology process needs to be accommodated by the staff so that the project provider may meet training needs to support the staff in applying the solution.
  • Post-project support policy: Customer support service is very important. Errors may arise when applying the software; therefore, 24/7 support is vital.

4. Consult the Feedback and Opinions of Customers that Use the Products:

The most objective and honest evaluator for a product or service is the customer that uses that product or service. Please refer to other companies of the same scale, industries, sectors, etc. that have applied the solution to evaluate the effect of that solution on their business.

They have extensive experience in deploying a variety of businesses, international standard processes, and strong and experienced resources in a variety of industries that will help companies take advantage of their solutions.

5. Is the software customizable, editable, and scalable?

In the development process, enterprises can expand their business scale, and change their production and distribution processes… So, when choosing the solution for implementation, they should pay attention to software scalability. Businesses should select local suppliers as they will be more responsive to the requirements of customization than foreign suppliers.


The above-mentioned criteria help companies choose appropriate providers and help maximize the benefits of distribution system management software. Finding the right providers will help companies minimize the costs incurred during the project implementation, which is always an effective tool to help businesses optimize their business and maximize profits.

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