On March 11, 2024, Anvy and HQSOFT launched the eSales DMS Solution system. This modern technology solution helps Anvy better manage its pharmacy representative team and optimize pharmaceutical distribution channels.

Anvy Joint Stock Company, established in 2005, is a direct manufacturer and trader of pharmaceuticals. Anvy continuously invests in facilities and human resources to provide quality products to meet the health needs of every family.

Anvy ensures quality control from planting, harvesting, and processing to ensure products always meet standards. In particular, Anvy’s medicinal herbs are produced on the EECV* technology line, a leading modern system in Europe.

In addition to herbal products to treat various diseases, Anvy also impresses the market with pharmaceutical lines such as gastric suspension Anvitra, Cikan brain tonic, and AZKA line for respiratory conditions.

Since 2020, Anvy Company has expanded its market to include hospitals and clinics channels. Anvy’s products are also promoted on online platforms and will continue to grow into the pharmacy channel.

Anvy Company is currently also one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam. This success is attributed to the company’s decision to apply distributor management technology to develop sales through both OTC and ETC channels.

Understand the importance of distributor management solutions. Anvy has entrusted HQSOFT to provide and deploy eSales DMS Solution to manage a team of pharmaceutical representatives and optimize pharmaceutical distribution channels.

*EECV is a technological process of extracting, evaporating, and highly concentrating medicinal herbs under vacuum, low-temperature conditions, an automatic, closed process, ensuring the effects of the active ingredients are kept intact. – Source: Anvy.

Solutions provided by HQSOFT

Applying modern technology in distribution system management (DMS), this software solution promises to create an innovation for Anvy. Anvy will be deployed to more than 40 sales staff by 2024 and is expected to be used by more than 100 employees by 2025.

Using DMS software will help Anvy update and accurately analyze sales data daily and hourly. At the same time, it also manages personal information and detailed data for each customer, helping leaders make accurate decisions when analyzing data of each pharmacy quickly.

Outstanding features of DMS for pharmaceutical businesses include:

  • Quick processing of orders
  • Inventory management and control
  • Management and evaluation of the pharmacy representative team’s visit schedule.
  • Quick receipt and processing of customer feedback, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Effective management of OTC, ETC channels
  • Data synthesis for analysis

Through this, corporate governance is improved through indicators, contributing to profit growth, reducing costs, increasing labor productivity, and more importantly, Anvy’s production system meets GMP principles, with no inventory left in the factory.

HQSOFT would like to sincerely thank Anvy for trusting and choosing eSales DMS Solution to manage the distribution system. HQSOFT wishes Anvy continued growth and success as a pharmaceutical brand favored by many consumers.

With experience implementing eSales DMS solutions for various businesses and pharmaceutical corporations, HQSOFT is confident and ready to provide customers with optimal and comprehensive solutions, fully meeting distribution system management needs.

If your business has any questions or needs advice about distributor management solutions, please contact the hotline: 0792 342 278 for the fastest advice.

Highlights that eSales DMS software brings to the pharmaceutical distribution channel

  • Product Management: Strict approval process. Automatically warnings based on installation conditions during review.​ Manage product batches and expiration dates.
  • Warehouse management​: Products are specially installed with a variety of hierarchies and information according to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.​ Products are classified according to sales routes and automatic integration of import, purchase, and export operations from sales.
  • Customer management: Diverse classification and comprehensive information to manage pharmaceutical industry customer data.​ Configuration and management of specific attributes for OTC and ETC channel customers.
  • OTC channel management: Manage sales routes and track KPIs for each pharmaceutical representative. Digitize the customer visit and care process, and record order information and customer information. Automatically calculate sales support programs to promptly provide full information to pharmacists.
  • ETC channel management: Pharmacists can easily manage customer lists to schedule customer visits based on assigned contracts. Set up and calculate sales for pharmacists in charge of each product above the bidding contract.​​
  • Contract management: Fully manage the contract implementation process and monitor implementation progress. Manage detailed product information, quantity, and winning unit price. Manage contract sales specialists. Integrate with the sales process to check contracts and corresponding appendices.

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