Trang chủ Tin Tức Art Of Applying Solutions In Product Display Management (Merchandising)

Art Of Applying Solutions In Product Display Management (Merchandising)

Product display management is not simply “filling the counter”, but it is also a way to build the brand’s image, create demands for customers, increase the quantity of goods sold, the sales, the market shares for Enterprises. For the current market, the goods that are not available at the sales location will not be sold, but the goods that are available at the sales location but are not ready for display to the customers are still unsold.

Therefore, the role of product arrangement is the same as the role of marketing, but it directly affects the behaviors and purchasing power of the customers. The current situation shows that besides the neat compartment arrangement, the Enterprise needs to have the product display management “art”.

Product Display Management

The artsthat help Enterprises arrange and product display management effectively:

  1. Attract the attention from the outside: The appearance always has a strong influence on the behavior of Customers; types of products that should be displayed are beautiful products or best-selling goods to stimulate Customers to visit the store or combine promotion programs at display points to increase the tastes and purchasing power of Customers.
  1. Divide the area to classify goods: This will help Customers find the products and show the professionalism of the company in the product display. Moreover, the storeowner can easily control the quantity of goods and the product quality.
  2. Display the prices of all products fully and correctly: The difference in price also greatly affects the prestige of Enterprises, Customers will evaluate the company through each product, so we must do this work in a good manner.
  3. The priority should be given to the most visible locations such as the intersections, counters, light products displayed on the shelves from the waist to the eye level, within the visible level of the buyers or at both ends of shelves. These tipsare small, but they will help Enterprises increase the market share for sale.

But in Vietnam, the product display has not been optimized and effective. Those who directly perform these tasks still face many difficulties because they do not have the tools to support the management, they have to spend lots of time implementing the display process.

Therefore, most Enterprises are now using software solutions to optimize shelves and goods for display.

Advantages that software solutions bring to Enterprises: 

  1. The software will help them manage the whole process of product display management on the system: Managers will master the situation of products at each sales location through the figures and images sent by sales staff. In order to make timely adjustments if there is a mistake during the product display
  2. The system will automatically remind the sales staff to take photos of the display when they visit the customers, providing visual images to help the management easily statisticize and manage products.
  3. Reduce management time: eSales Cloud DMS software solution will be integrated on mobile devices, the management supervisor level and staff can communicate directly, can quickly solve arising problems or the staff will receive directions from the superior in the fastest way.
  1. In addition, the system will automatically summarize reports and pay bonuses when the store has a good performance in the product display. This will help storeowners to be more self-aware in displaying the products of the Enterprise and the product display management will be more effective.

Application of management software is one of the most effective art that help Enterprises optimize the roles of product display; it will directly affect the consumption habits and behaviors of customers. Let`s apply these arts into the business together with HQsoft

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