Trang chủ Tin Tức “Digital Technology”, A Way To Increase The Market Coverage Effectively

“Digital Technology”, A Way To Increase The Market Coverage Effectively

According to the statistics of consumption habits, Vietnamese people often decide to buy products at sales locations even though they have no demand before. Therefore, the coverage of products at all distribution channels is more important than ever. To promote the purchase needs as well as change consumption habits of Customers.

Regarding the coverage, we cannot ignore Measurement indicators that are numerical / weighted distribution. Numerical Distribution (ND) – This is an indicator measuring the  “distribution” or “presence” of the products at sales locations on the market while Weighted Distribution (WD) – is the number calculating the effectiveness of the distribution channel based on the sales level of the sales location. Unlike Numeric Dist that measures the prevalence of products on the distribution channel, Weighted Dist measures the distribution efficiency.

So how to increase ND and WD? In other words, how to manage visually and optimize the sales routes by category, region, sales team to achieve the best coverage performance.

How to increase the market coverage?

Establish distributor care policies: The manufacturer’s sales are mostly thanks to Distributors; hence, Enterprises should create more incentive policies to motivate them to purchase goods and also help the sales force of the company easily offer and persuade for the purchase (help to increase ND and WD).

Make implementation plans for sales, set up sales routes and increase the number of customer visits. In addition, Enterprises need to expand the market with multiple distribution channels and sales locations, then the coverage will be expanded.

Apply the technology solutions in analyzing the products’ coverage, the software will help Enterprises create, edit and analyze sales routes visually, arrange and suggest locations to visit in order not to ignore any Customer, in order to easily recognize the coverage on the online map, diversify conditions for viewing reports by region, area, brand, SKU, etc.


Besides the superiors of coverage, eSales Cloud DMS solution also integrates GPS positioning management to help managers know the sales situation on the market, support sales staff to keep track of the Customer’s location and come to Customers easily.    In addition, eSales Cloud DMSs coverage analysis feature also helps Enterprises report and analyze the performance of each sales route and the coverage duration, coverage distance between the plan and the reality. After that, the system will automatically calculate and provide recommendations on the coverage ability to draw up strategies more accurately.

Based on the digital map, managers can easily analyze and identify criteria of distribution and coverage, analyze details geographically or organize the sales management, present criteria with visual images through colors, icons to distinguish the coverage, category of goods, etc.

Along with other outstanding features, the software creates the DMS ecosystem that supports Enterprises to develop comprehensively

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