Trang chủ Tin Tức DMS Coaching Solution For Today’s Enterprises

DMS Coaching Solution For Today’s Enterprises

 A good salesperson will gain more sales and customers to the business, but the question is how to become a good salesperson? A part of the answer lies in sales coaching, in which effective coaching helps sales team develop and improve their sales skills.

Recognizing the importance of salesperson coaching, large businesses are now “massively” investing in human and material resources for training and coaching.

First, if you want to coach your employees to succeed, you must train and help them improve their knowledge and the managers must clearly know the skills of coaching employees and how to coach them effectively. Besides, in order to effectively manage leaders, it is necessary to formulate a training strategy and develop the plans to optimize such a strategy.

HQsoft would like to introduce our Coaching Solution to Enterprises. This solution has helped businesses save a lot of time and personnel resources and optimize their performance.

Details of our coaching solution are as follows:

Step 1: Develop a coaching plan by using Cloud DMS system:

Business supervisors will develop and schedule a coaching plan for employees under their scope of management, select appropriate coaching periods for each area to avoid peak times, provide a detailed description of the plan and assign specific tasks so that their subordinates understand their roles and responsibilities. In addition, Enterprises need to select a suitable coaching location and coaching subjects.

Step 2: Synchronize and inform the coaching schedule to salepersons on their PDA devices:

Because of nature of the work that requires salespersons to move frequently, advance notices should be sent so that they can prepare well for coaching sessions. Avoid situations in which employees do not fully participate due to lack of information on training time and place. Information will be synchronized on PDA devices (tablets or mobile phones). Salespersons just need to open the app on their mobile devices. Then, information on the coaching program will be provided in details.

Step 3: Through the system on PDA devices, managers will conduct the coaching sessions for salespersons:

Depending on each company, employee coaching sessions will be organized differently, but there are typically 7 steps:

  • Early preparation: product information, sales target, list of customers to be contacted, price quotes, and card visits, etc.
  • Check: check the list of customers to be contacted, targets to be reached, and recheck their appearance and outfit before visiting customers
  • Greeting: this gesture is intended to create a good impression with customers; salespersons should have talking and greeting skills to orient their customers, so this is an important step of any sales process.
  • Presenting: present new products and promotions to customers, approach customers, introduce product advantages, customer services, after-sales services, etc.
  • Recording: record customer requests; receive feedback from customers, record new customer information.
  • Fixing orders: confirm orders, contracts and invoices for customers.
  • Providing customer care: based on order history, salespersons can check old order information and propose new orders to customers.

Step 4: Grade salespersons on software system:

Through coaching process and the results of each step, the supervisors will summarize results and grade salespersons during the coaching process. Therefore, evaluation results will be measured in the most objective and accurate manner.

Step 5: Sync results on the system:

Previously, when software was not applied to coaching program, grading results were manually updated on the system and notified by managers. This consumed a lot of time and contained many errors. Now, when software system has been applied, grading results will be saved and synced in the company system. This step makes it easier and more comfortable for managers in storing and inputting data in the system in a more accurate and safer manner.

Step 6: Consider and evaluate coaching results on the system:

Based on the supervisors’ evaluation, the board of directors will receive results of employees’ qualifications via cloud DMS system, and then it may formulate the strategy to develop or improve salespersons.

Step 7: Sync results to salespersons’ PDA devices

After being reviewed and approved by regional director and sales supervisor, results will be synced to PDA devices and notified to employees so that they are aware of their coaching performance.

These are 7 basic steps for coaching and evaluating employees. With today’s advanced technology, eSales Cloud DMS has become an effective support tool for Enterprises. One of special features of this solution is that it integrates 7-step of sales process on the system, provides instantly evaluation of employees’ performance on the system, reports and synchronizes data quickly without too many complicated manual steps. In addition, the solution also supports coaching supervisors and senior managers.

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