Trang chủ Tin Tức Enterprise Resource Planning Solution – Why eBiz Solutions?

Enterprise Resource Planning Solution – Why eBiz Solutions?

In the context of existing fierce competition, finding the effective way to manage human resources, handle huge amounts of data in a short time, optimize resources, and maximize profit is the goal that each Enterprise is aiming at. Recognizing the challenges faced by Enterprises, eBiz Enterprise management solutions has emerged with the mission to accompany Enterprises in breaking data barriers and helping them succeed.

1. What is eBiz Enterprise Resource Planning solution?

EBiz solution is an enterprise-wide ERP solution that provides maximum support for comprehensive business activities and has a high adaptability to fit all business areas of Enterprises.

EBiz solution offers a full range of financial, accounting, distribution, manufacturing, service, e-commerce management features with the capabilities to integrate with the functionalities and expand the product portfolio for constantly changing business operations. With eBiz, you will have more time to focus on your business strategy than on paper work, which simplifies your work, making it easy to work on eBiz screens.

2. Challenges that exist in the Enterprises that haven’t implemented eBiz:

All of records and documents are prepared in excel format, which consumes a lot of time and efforts to summarize and process data, resulting in heavy workload and working time for all employees.

Data accuracy is not high, so managers have to take time reviewing reports; data is not timely provided for important decisions.

Failure to control debts effectively; loose control over providers that results in high debt ratio in the market and failure to recover working capital in a timely manner.

Inventory is poorly managed on the books, resulting in high inventory level, increased operating expenses, damaged and expired goods, etc. Goods are not arranged in a scientific manner in the warehouse, resulting in non-standard, sub-optimal warehousing measures in order to reduce the volume of near-expiring items.

One of top problems faced by Enterprises is that data analysis process contains too many errors and losses, resulting in delayed and inaccurate decisions on business strategy and production, existence of excessive products that are not timely distributed to meet market demands.

3. Concerns over the Implementation of Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (Cloud ERP) Solution

Comprehensive Enterprise management by using ERP solution is a common practice in today’s businesses. However, many businesses are reluctant to implement this solution because:

Costly implementation: the cost of deploying a solution for an Enterprise is quite high; therefore, upon deciding to use ERP solution, an Enterprise should thoroughly explore and select a competent and reputable vendor to avoid unnecessary costs.

Incompatible to local languages ​​in specific locality or region: some Enterprises may select foreign solutions without making any compatible adjustment to accounting requirements in Vietnam.

Inflexibility of software: This is one of top concerns for business, as the business model bigger and bigger, but software cannot flexibly adapt to the business model. So, if you want to expand the business model, it means deploying software again from scratch.

Concern about the period for implementation of the project: transfer and update of the system is quite complex and consumers a lot of time and efforts.

Concern about which module to be applied: there are many modules available for selection. Businesses and software vendors do not understand each other, so there are many modules that are unnecessary for businesses, wasting their time and efforts.

9 Business for Enterprises to Choose Cloud ERP Solution – eBiz

  • International standard ERP process at reasonable prices
  • Successfully implemented in many Vietnamese Enterprises
  • Deployment process is efficient and fast
  • Flexible configuration and easy adaptability and expandability
  • Be able to handle special accounting operations in Vietnam that foreign ERP solutions fail to perform
  • Highly integrated into the system
  • There are specific versions for distributed businesses or multiple industries
  • Supports both decentralized and centralized models
  • Call-center system is widespread in the country.

Effective implementation of Cloud ERP-eBiz solution will help businesses optimize their resources and operating costs, increase the speed and productivity of information and data transfer between the departments, allow them to plan and allocate human resources appropriately according to the needs of Enterprises.

Please allow ERP solution – eBiz of HQsoft become the tool to support your Enterprises in optimizing your business process and maximizing your profit.

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