Trang chủ Tin Tức GPS (Global Positioning System) – Application to Build Effective Distribution Channel

GPS (Global Positioning System) – Application to Build Effective Distribution Channel

Currently, many distributing Enterprises are racing to build strong distribution channels. Employers’ concerns come from their inability to control their employees’ performance in the market, be aware of locations of their customers or expand their distribution network.

Understanding the “difficulties” in the distribution process, current administrators are changing and finding new approaches to management systems to help them stay competitive in the marketplace.

Since then, Global Positioning System (GPS) module for distribution system software has been developed with the mission to meet difficult market requirements, help Enterprises effectively control their information system, goods, and employees’ performance in the market.

HQsoft’s location management solution (GPS) offers the following features:

1. Accurately managing customer location:

The system will allow salespersons to set up and keep customer information, allowing them to be localized, to avoid confusion and optimize customer care.

2. Locate and track the location and working time of salespersons:

Administrators should no longer worry about the problems of employees’ working time and performance. In addition, administrators can easily check their staff to optimize sales channels and identify employees’ locations.

3. The tool helps salespersons easily locate and find customers

Through position management software, employees can easily find customers in their workflow, identify new customers, sell more effectively, and receive information about customers such as order history.

4. Control and prevent time changes using GPS simulator applications

The problem of “cooking data” will be minimized; employees’ performance will be more effectively improved when they know that a monitoring tool is being applied. Based on the system, the administrator will be able to visually and accurately assess each employee’s working time and performance.

5. Control the deviation between actual location and customer’s coordinates

With the introduction of IT systems as well as business management software, enterprisers will no longer have to worry about employee management and will focus more time on their business strategies.


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