Trang chủ Tin Tức Hop Tri Joint Stock Company – Applying eSales Cloud DMS Solution Into Production And Distribution.

Hop Tri Joint Stock Company – Applying eSales Cloud DMS Solution Into Production And Distribution.

Hop Tri Investment Joint Stock Company was founded by professionals in the field of agriculture, with the endless love for Vietnamese agriculture and farmers, Hop Tri was established with the mission “For sustainable agriculture”, the company provides markets and farmers with a wide range of fertilizers that meet the needs of most crops as well as consumers.

Hop Tri’s products are trusted and supported more and more by a large number of farmers and consumers. Currently, Hop Tri is providing the market with a variety of products for farmers such as: Medicines for plant protection, Herbicides and medicines for plant growth regulation, Insecticides, Fungicides, Snail killers, Plant Nutrition, Public Health, drugs for killing mosquitoes, flies, ants, cockroaches, fleas, Rat killer, larvicides, Anti-termite drugs, Antiseptic – Antiseptic drugs, Hydroponic nutrition.

The goal is to build a widespread distribution network, a flexible and effective sales team and minimize operating costs. Hop Tri Joint Stock Company has trusted and selected DMS eSales software of HQsoft to improve the distribution system, well distribute sales locations, optimize the sales skills of sales staff.

In early September in 2017, HQSOFT was honored to have signed a cooperation contract with Hop Tri Investment Joint Stock Company in providing eSales DMS distribution system management solution. We hope this cooperation will help Hop Tri achieve the goals set before.

From 12 July 2018 to 13 July 2018, at the headquarters of Hop Tri Company, a training session on the use of eSales distribution system management was conducted with the participation of Hop Tri Company’s Board of Directors together with its distributors and sales staff. Here, Mr. Dang Hong Hai – Director of Hop Tri Company had an exchange, introduced eSales distribution system management software when it’s applied in the company together with the practical benefits from using eSales software.

Content of the training session is divided into two parts. First, the deployment department of HQsoft Company introduced and provided guidance on using DMS software to  Distributors: From the automatic order receiving function, inventory management, debt management, promotion programs … that help Distributors save time and have honest and accurate data for reports. Help them feel secure completely in the long-term cooperation with Hop Tri.

In the second part of the training session, HQsoft Company introduced and instructed applications in eSales Cloud DMS from sales targets, end-of-period sales, details of daily reports, inventory management, and sales location management, … for sales staff. They are very excited about the fact that the software can assist them in making daily, weekly working plans. Evaluate the performance of each employee. Help them create motivation to work and achieve higher efficiency.

The ecosystem of diverse applications in the eSales Cloud DMS solution will help Hop Tri connect all customers, partners, users and farmers to the same system to exploit and take care of customers, farmers more effectively. ESales software will also integrate with the ERP software system, warehouse management to automate and minimize errors; shorten the service time of completing orders and delivery to distributors, agents.

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