Trang chủ Tin Tức How To Achieve Breakthroughs Of Sales Quotas

How To Achieve Breakthroughs Of Sales Quotas

In order to be able to set up and achieve breakthroughs of sales quotas, the most important factor is that the Enterprise can control sales indexes, measure the work efficiency of sales staff, statisticize the markets, and control the coverage on the market.

So how to achieve breakthroughs of sales quotas? That is the question many companies are looking for answers.

The following methods will help to achieve breakthroughs of sales quotas:

First, Master Sales Goals

According to experts, the success of sales staff comes from their thoughts, aspirations and attitudes. They always believe that they can accomplish the goals set by the company, and they also want to set their own goals to accomplish them.

Right in their thinking, they have the desire to accomplish the goals that are selling goods. Thoughts will lead to actions, they will sell goods with a positive energy, confident attitude and transfer their energy to the buyer. Naturally, no one can refuse their positive energy, and then they will be able to sell products and increase the sales.

Second, Search and approach potential customers

Excellent sales staffs  always ask themselves questions: who are their Customers? Where are they? How can they approach their Customers in the fastest way?

Then, they begin to search and approach each Customer who is believed to be a loyal customer in the future. By their energy resources, they will turn expected customers into loyal customers. Therefore, the sales quotas will increase more and more because we find the right Customers in need.

 Third, Communication – negotiation arts to increase the sales quotas:

Zig Ziglar said: “If people like you, they will listen to you. But if they trust you, they will do business with you”.

You can be a prestigious and honest seller who is always energetic, but you are not good at communication and behaviors, you will not be able to approach your Customers, therefore you won’t show them that how good you are. From the stories, your communication skills will make it easy for you to sell goods, because customers will think you understand them, then they will trust you and will do business with you.

Tip in the communication art is that you should listen patiently, master your emotions and always show professional attitudes from which you will have more Customers.

Forth, Set targets and control sales targets

To control business density, managers need to have a good understanding of the markets to establish business targets, strategies and distribution areas effectively.

Allocate business targets to each employee, in line with their ability. Set targets for different levels: such as Business Director, Supervisor, Sales staff.

When setting the targets for each employee, managers will perform them based on the plan set before; however, in the event that the market has fluctuations, they may change and recommend new programs with appropriate contents and budgets.

After the targets have been completed, managers still regularly update performance indicators of employees. To have the most appropriate change policies.

Fifth, Apply Technology into the Sales System to Break Sales Targets

With the constant change of information technology and the fierce competition on the market, in order to fulfill the set targets, Enterprises should equip themselves with management support tools.

The solution to these problem is the eSales Cloud DMS Solution. HQsoft has researched and developed the modules of eSales to support Enterprises to manage and increase the efficiency in production and business. Among the preeminent modules of the solution, the FCS module – sales quotas management has been found to be the most effective for setting and managing targets for  Enterprises. Applying technology into the sales system will help Enterprises:

  • Well manage sales routes, effectively, accurately distribute sales targets to each employee, each region, etc. Help Enterprises measure campaigns maximally.
  • Provide Enterprises solutions for optimizing work processes of employees, control working time, turnover, quality on each specific order.
  • Increase the market coverage. KPI – open new point. Employees can develop more new customers through sales automation processes, minimize the quantity and increase sales quality of sales staff.
  • The processes and functions designed closely through the users will help Enterprises obtain the “real” materials from the market, sales, promotion programs, sell-in, sell-out. , … minimize “cooking data” to help Enterprises have the most accurate measurement method.
  • Effectively deploying sales programs will help Enterprises attract and promote the consumption of users, increase the loyalty of end users for Enterprises.

Moreover, eSales Cloud DMS solution also supports distribution channel management, promotion program management, POSM management, and more. Applications are flexibly integrated in the same software, which helps Enterprises manage, distribute and maximize profits in business.

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