Distributors are the bridge between businesses and consumers. Therefore, the distributor plays an important role in providing the product to the end consumer. So how can businesses effectively manage the distribution system?

To effectively manage the distributor system. Businesses need to be built on the following 4 factors:

Policy and Welfare of Distributors when cooperating with businesses

  • Provide complete and accurate information to the NPP: Content, information of products, and promotions must be full of information. The fact that businesses provide sufficient information helps distributors easily access many agents and customers. Since then, the NPP feels confident and motivated to sell.
  • Regularly communicating with distributors: Regular exchanges with distributors help businesses easily update the market situation and the difficulties that distributors face. Regular exchanges with distributors help businesses easily remove difficulties to overcome, and at the same time build a good relationship with distributors.
  • Always create special incentive programs for NPP: In addition, discounts and commissions are based on the agreement of the two parties. Every month, every quarter, businesses should do more incentive programs to encourage NPP in business activities. This is important to encourage the working spirit of NPP but also brings great value to the business.

Customer Service Process

Customers are those who have a need to consume the products/services that the business produces. Therefore, customers play a very important role in helping businesses generate revenue, and profit and continue to maintain.

  • Recording customer opinions: When launching a product on the market, it will receive mixed reviews from customers. Based on the opinions provided by customers, businesses can easily improve, upgrade or promote the existing values ​​of the product.
  • Product value: In the process of transportation, it is inevitable that the product will be damaged. Therefore, in order for everything to go smoothly, businesses should cooperate with NPP to find a way to overcome the consequences and return goods in a reasonable way. Thanks to the satisfactory solution, the NPP and the enterprise still have the opportunity to cooperate with each other for a long time.
  • Professionally trained sales staff: Professionally trained sales staff will have professional actions and gestures towards customers. It is because sales staff are the ones who approach and take care of customers directly. with customers in the market. Therefore, building a professional sales team is the face of the company.

Delivery Process

Providing quality and valuable products, and delivery is also one of the important factors for distributors to cooperate with businesses. How can businesses optimize costs and human resources when transporting goods to distributors? 

  • Suitable warehouse location: Convenient warehouse location for transporting goods is one of the factors that help goods be transported as quickly as possible. The warehouse location does not necessarily have to be in a busy shopping center but needs a convenient location
  • Shipping service: Each manufacturing business will have a separate freight forwarding department, which is easy to manage and operate. However, depending on the needs of the business, the department will be in charge or outsourced. For small businesses that have a weak financial position, the outsourced delivery and delivery department will be the optimal choice.
  • Delivery staff: If managers do not manage the delivery team closely, it will not save costs, but on the contrary, it will cost a lot more than outsourcing.

Using a distributor management system.

The use of the DMS system to manage distributors is very familiar to manufacturing and distribution enterprises. Because of many difficulties in the process of managing distributors, manufacturers have used DMS software to manage costs to optimize costs. The use of the DMS system for management will bring businesses a lot of benefits

  • Easily monitor work efficiency: The use of the NPP system helps businesses easily track the number of goods consumed and inventory; supervise sales activities of employees, handle promotions, and display to each point of sale. All activities are managed through the application, helping managers have general data and adjust the plan according to the current market situation.
  • Cost savings: when using the DMS system, it will save costs in hiring supervisors and surveying market information. The use of the system is closely monitored and the costs of organizing promotions and exhibitions are avoided.
  • Saving time: Enterprises will save time in monitoring the NPP’s activities and reporting on daily work. This saved time will be used for other work to improve work efficiency.
  • Receiving information quickly: Thanks to the DMS system, ordering between manufacturers and distributors becomes quick and convenient. This helps businesses create a reputation in the delivery of goods.

With more than 15 years of experience in implementing DMS software for businesses, HQSOFT believes that our products always bring a certain value to increase the efficiency of distributor management for manufacturing enterprises. By providing an effective solution, HQSOFT – Distribution & Retail Expert has provided solutions to more than 500 Customers, and 70,000 users and is a strategic partner of more than 50 Companies.


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