Trade promotions are an important part of marketing and sales, helping Manufacturers/Distributors not only approach many potential customers but also increase brand awareness and drive sales. Moreover, the trade promotion program plays an important role in attracting retailers, thereby expanding the distribution channel and breaking through to better business.

What is promotion?

Promotion is an indispensable activity that helps businesses easily promote purchasing and selling goods with attractive programs. It helps create excitement and motivate customers to buy, including providing incentives, discounts, gifts, vouchers, loyalty programs or other special benefits to customers.

Why do Businesses need to apply for Promotions?

Promotions are a powerful weapon for businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors. In the current context, when the market-share competition becomes increasingly fierce if your business does not have attractive promotions, it will be difficult to create attraction to customers.

It can be said that the main role of promotion is to attract and impress customers at the point of sale, thereby increasing competitive advantage, revenue, and profit.

Even if resellers cannot participate in these activities, enterprises still help dealers’ products be attractive and prominent. In other words, the program promotes the sales process of resellers in order to bring profits and many benefits to them.

Difficulties of Enterprises when Managing Promotions

In fact, the management of promotions causes many headaches such as:

  • Difficulty in implementing the promotion in retail locations
  • Difficulty in tracking actual results and budgets
  • Unable to measure and control the promotional goods delivered to which region, or location.
  • Distributors/Salespeople do not know the correct information or may change the program, causing market disturbances.
  • Sales staff can’t remember all the exact promotions so they can be wrongly applied to retail locations and agents.

How to manage Promotions effectively?

In order to effectively manage and optimize the promotion program and budget, most enterprises need to use supporting software.

TPM – Comprehensive solution for promotion management from eSales Cloud DMS

The TPM (Trade Promotion & Budget Management) module, part of the eSales Cloud DMS solution, helps enterprises manage promotions effectively and avoid losses. Currently, HQSOFT’s TPM solution can help to manage promotions through the following features:

  • Support more than 100 types of promotion programs.
  • HQSOFT’s software is flexible to meet all promotions.
  • Define a plan for each type of promotion, allowing enterprises to set up promotions according to the budget of each region, and each distributor, and support enterprises to create programs suitable for each applicable audience group.
  • Automatically synthesize promotion results and claim quickly and accurately. Management team can monitor in real-time existing promotions, and evaluate the effectiveness of the program via the reports integrated into the application.
  • Support statistics on promotional products, how to pay promotions to distributors, and agents, .. check KPIs effectively and transparently, from Sell-in to Sell-out
  • Help distributors ensure that goods are always ready.
  • Integrate SMS Marketing, informing customers of the latest promotions through mobile messages, helping consumers quickly and accurately grasp the supplier’s promotions.

With more than 17 years of experience in providing distribution management solutions, HQSOFT is confident to bring customers the most comprehensive and optimal solutions to support customers to modernize the distribution and retail management system. If you have any questions or need advice on solutions, please contact the hotline: 0792 342 278 to receive the best support.

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