Distribution & Retail is a chain of processes such as wholesale, retail, agency, marketing, customer care, forwarding, franchising, warehousing, data processing, etc., which requires a cumbersome and complicated apparatus that makes Enterprises in this industry all face certain difficulties in the process of operation.  

Therefore, the need to solve this difficulty is posed for business leaders as well as ancillary industries here, which is the optimal solution in system operation and administration, catching up with the trend of digital transformation on the Internet. a modern platform, thereby improving competitiveness in the market. 

With more than 15 years of experience in distribution and retail, HQSOFT– a solution expert in the field of distribution & retail, has researched and linked cumbersome and complex process chains to create a comprehensive HQSOFT Ecosystem solution dedicated to distribution & retail including platforms and solutions: eSales DMS, nRetail, Data Warehouse & BI and 1CX… help streamline the operating system but still bring maximum efficiency to businesses in the distribution and retail industries. 

HQSOFT Distribution & Retail Ecosystem
  1. eSales DMS Solution.

eSales DMS is an effective solution to help businesses automate sales activities in the distribution chain, solve problems in management and optimize the operating system. With this solution, businesses can easily manage and measure the number of goods sold and sold from distributors, agents, stores, … to end consumers. The solution continuously updates real data, and controls parameters and daily sales activities, so that businesses can accurately grasp the market situation to make the most effective policies and goals. 

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eSale DMS Solution Features

With the goal of simplifying processes, centralizing data, and optimizing operational efficiency, the eSales DMS solution has all the necessary modules and applications for all objects in the distribution chain. The features of the module are easy to use, user-friendly, and can be customized according to the different characteristics of each field. This is also one of the highlights of HQSOFT – Distribution & Retail Solution Expert

For more information: [HERE] or [+84-28-7300-6878] (Vietnam)

2. nRetail Solution.

nRetail, a unique model combining traditional retail and direct retail (O2O), is convenient for suppliers, stores, and consumers to experience and interact. nRetail solution is built on a modern cloud computing platform, catching up with the digital transformation trend of the market. 

nRetail solution is designed to be simple and convenient, eliminating many intermediary steps, and shortening the time and distance between stakeholders in the distribution chain.

nRetail Solution

With the modern retail platform solution nRetail, not only is it easier for the supplier to transform and build the supply chain, end-to-end distribution to the store, to the consumers that the store owner sells. Retailers can also order online easily at home or anywhere without having to wait for a salesperson; which contributes to increasing sales for both suppliers and retailers.

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3. DataWarehouse & BI Dashboard Solution

The trend of digital transformation is growing strongly in the market today, in parallel with that, exploiting and taking advantage of available data to synthesize, analyze and optimize business activities is also a trend of digital transformation. Enterprises seize to execute in the digital age. 
Grasping this trend of the market and meeting the needs of enterprises, HQSOFT – Distribution & Retail Solution Expert has built & developed a DataWarehouse & BI solution, a data warehouse based on the modern technology of MS Azure that allowed users to gather all data of any size easily.

DataWarehouse & BI Dashboard Solution

In addition, Enterprises can also gain insights through visual dashboards, performance overview reports, or advanced analytics for relevant users. 
The real power of a DW-based BI system comes from using the right data dimensions to help with analysis and business decisions. 

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4. 1CX Platform Solution.

1CX solution is a customer loyalty program and customer experience management platform that helps manufacturers and suppliers measure customer loyalty and offer special programs for end consumers. . The platform offers end consumers new experiences, such as VIP club, premium offers, and special privileges for specific customer groups, etc. 
In addition to the ability to link to E-Commerce sites, the platform also provides existing online shopping channels from the company or supplier. Suppliers can share products and services closer to consumers, as well as create long-term brand attachment by “rewarding” more when customers write reviews or refer friends to buy together. 


HQSOFT Ecosystem is constantly being upgraded, researched, and developed to more completely meet the market needs. 

HQSOFT – Distribution & Retail Solution Expert with the core value: “Customer is the center”, always strive to bring the best solution, help businesses maximize profits, optimize performance in the field of Distribution & Retail. 

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