Trang chủ Tin Tức HQSOFT Participated In The Cloud Computing “FESTIVAL” 8

HQSOFT Participated In The Cloud Computing “FESTIVAL” 8

On 26 May 2017, the 8th Cloud Computing Festival (Cloud 8) with the topic of “Supercomputing Capacity in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” took place at the Grand Palace Conference Center that was organized by HoChiMinh City Computer Association (HCA) and VinaCIS company; with the innovation of technology, HQsoft was also present at this biggest event of IT industry in Vietnam.

Cloud8 Day in this year took place with the presence of more than 100 cloud computing enterprises, 30 start-ups and 10 investment funds, together with 600 visitors.

In the framework of this year’s event, Cloud8 was divided into series of “Day and Night” activities. At Cloud8Day there were typical activities such as: Two seminars, exhibitions, auction “Technological Golden Hour” to raise funds for classes in Lao Cai province. At Cloud8Night with the theme “God of Cloud”, Networking program took place among hundreds of leaders, managers (CXO) of companies running business on technology, hardware, software and Cloud.

Coming to this cloud computing day, HQsoft also wanted to contribute its part to the Cloud8 ecosystem in general and the cloud computing and mobile technologies in particular, with two technological solutions including eSales Cloud DMS and Cloud ERP Acumatica .

 ESales Cloud DMS solution is HQSOFT’s Cloud DMS solution for large-scale distribution system management at nationwide or multinational levels.  Our consultants have nearly 20 years of experiences in distribution management and eSales and more than 10 years of experiences in development and deployment for multinational corporations in Vietnam and other countries in the region. So we have built and developed eSales solution into a solution for in-depth management and analysis in the field of distribution management rather than only a sales management tool.

Acumatica is one of the leading providers of cloud-based ERP solutions in U.S built on the best cloud computing and mobile technologies in the world. Cloud ERP Acumatica solution provides a complete set of integrated modules and applications that create an ecosystem.  The ecosystem  serves all management needs in enterprises as well as connect related objects such as customers, suppliers, partners … Currently, Acumatica has been modified byHQSOFT to better match with Vietnam`s market such as Vietnamizing the interface, complete the set of VAS financial statements to meet the standards of Vietnam accounting regulations .

Through the actual use of the solutions and services of Cloud Infrastructure of our Partners such as Vinacis in recent time to build the cloud system as the foundation for deploying HQSOFT`s solutions, we are very confident to scale up these cloud systems. As a result, in the orientations for our future development, we will continue to launch different management solutions based on the cloud computing to the market. We also orientate to build our own solutions into an ecosystem by integrating with other cloud solutions of our partners to add the using values to our customers to create sustainable development links in the Cloud8 community. HQSOFT will continue to accompany with Cloud8 community to build the ecosystem of Cloud8 more and more powerfully together.

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